The Glow Up With Supermodel Veronica Webb Is on The Root

Beauty is more than what you look like. It’s more than when you’re dressed nice or you bothered to dust on a little foundation. It’s more than when your shoes are both comfy and cute (or wildly impractical but still to die for). It’s more than when your nails are freshly polished, your melanin is popping and your eyebrows are amazingly “on fleek.”


Beauty is who you are.

It’s when you have that magic about you. That glow that comes from both without and within. Where your body and soul feel enriched and life seems permanently on the come up—in the best way.

Sometimes you don’t hit all the marks—maybe that morning workout turned into some blessed sleeping-in for an extra hour. But regardless of whether or not you got it all covered, you do have it all going on.

And now The Root has just the site (and the people) to celebrate and help elevate all that makes you you.

The Root is proud to announce the latest edition to its growing family: our newest blog, The Glow Up, curated and edited by none other than supermodel Veronica Webb.

The Glow Up is a beauty-and-empowerment blog for black women, run by black women who know the beauty and fashion industries because they’ve lived it.


The Glow Up is helmed by our new deputy beauty editor, Veronica Webb, an internationally renowned supermodel and writer. She’s not just someone bringing a little something-something to the table—she is the table, bringing with her more than 30 years of experience in the industry. She will run the site’s day-to-day by operations, assisted by fellow fashion model and writer, and The Glow Up’s managing editor, Maiysha Kai.


An icon, Webb has steadily worked since the 1990s both in front of the camera and in the pages of magazines, bringing with her a wealth of experience in beauty and fashion—both as a model and as a writer. In the past she has written for Interview and Paper magazines, as well as Details, Elle, the New York Times and Esquire. She was also the first African-American woman to win an exclusive contract from a major cosmetics company—Revlon. She currently runs her own website,, a lifestyle blog, which will soon also be part of The Glow Up.

Maiysha Kai is a Grammy Award-nominated singer-songwriter, fashion model and actress, best known for her work for Lane Bryant and her critically acclaimed album, This Much Is True. In addition, she is a writer and editor who has freelanced for The Root for more than a year. She also has a blog: 40 on Fleek.


The Glow Up joins VSB and The Grapevine as one of our separate subblogs on Gizmodo Media Group’s Kinja publishing platform.

Get your “glow up” on now! Check out The Glow Up here.

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This is so exciting yall. I’m honestly beside myself. Here I thought I would log onto the Root for a normal day......and I was SLAYED by this announcement. Having the Glow Up as part of the Root fam is fucking awesome. I swear you are all like family to me.