The Gift Guide To Help Mom Shape A Healthy, Full Life


I can credit my sense of doing the impossible from my mom, a woman who has faced a fair amount of adversity and succeeded in raising three young, intelligent, quirky, and hilarious Black women in Utah on her own, many times sacrificing her self-care needs to meet ours.


Self-care is a concept that’s grown in popularity, and is not just a luxury, but a necessity for any person’s well-being. Many mothers are expected to neglect their own self-care while giving so much to their loved ones from an empty emotional, physical, and mental tank. This Mother’s Day, one of the best ways to celebrate the mothers in your life is to give them the gift of genuine self-care: products that support their mental, physical, and emotional health and wellness.

In partnership with Fitbit, which has incredible gifts for managing stress and improving your well-being, we’ve curated some thoughtful gift ideas that will ensure the mothers in your life experience the self-care they so deserve:

Viledge Unbox Ommm Subscription Box

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Image: Viledge

Viledge is a subscription based service that delivers mindful moments and group activities, made and curated by Black-owned businesses. Their “Unbox Ommm” box is a calming kit for moments of stillness, whether you need a warm cup of tea or a deep, restorative breath, and features products like palo santo, a sage smudge stick, calming facial toner, a tea blending kit, a habit tracker journal, and vegan cookies. This kit is a wonderful way for any mother to jumpstart well-being habits and pampering themselves, while supporting incredible Black-owned businesses in the process.

Mommy Brain Community Membership

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Illustration: Mommy Brain

It can be easy to feel isolated in motherhood — especially given the circumstances of the pandemic. Mommy Brain is a mental wellness platform connecting mothers to therapists, coaches, and parenting specialists, plus a global community of moms. Giving your mother a subscription to this platform provides hands-on support in a safe, judgement-free community of other mothers, and nothing says self-care more than a supportive community.

Shea Yeleen Body Care Products

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Image: Shea Yeleen

Shea Yeleen is a DC-based social impact company that creates pure plant based shea butter body care products, ethically sourcing their shea butter from women owned cooperatives in Ghana. Each product is a source of living wages for women, providing them the ability to become financially independent. Shea butter is extracted from the seeds in the fruits of the Shea or Karite tree grown in West and Central sub-Saharan Africa, and has many benefits including rejuvenating, hydrating and maintaining skin elasticity with vitamins A, E, & F and providing soothing treatment for any inflammatory skin conditions. These products are high quality, all-natural, and organic, and giving your mother the gift of Shea Yeleen body care contributes to creating a more equitable future. Clean beauty has never felt this good!

Fitbit Sense

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Image: Fitbit

When you get a good night’s sleep, you can improve your concentration, moods, judgment, and stress, which are critical aspects of well-being, yet so many mothers struggle to establish quality stress reduction and sleep habits in their wellness routines. Fitbit Sense™ is the world’s first smartwatch with an electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor to help you manage stress.

This EDA sensor measures your body’s response to stress by detecting small electrical changes on your skin in real-time, which may indicate your body’s response to stress. You can even see your daily Stress Management Score in the Fitbit app to help you understand how your heart rate, sleep, and activity levels impact your physical stress and overall health. More than 10 biometric inputs go into this breakdown, to produce an overall score ranging from 1-100. Through Fitbit’s Premium mindfulness tools, you can then manage your stress with guided breathing sessions, meditations, and yoga.


Gifting your mother Fitbit Sense™ will equip her with a ton of useful and actionable information on her stress and sleep to improve her mental, physical and emotional health.

Fit Fyne & Fabulous Fitness Bands and FitBit Challenges

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Image: Fit, Fyne & Fabulous

Fit, Fyne & Fabulous is a faith based health and wellness community with a mission to end obesity in Black and Brown communities. They offer custom meal plan development, an online VIP members portal which includes thousands of tasted and verified-yummy, healthy recipes, team based support and encouragement, online video based courses geared towards living a more fit focused lifestyle, an ecommerce store of meal prep and exercise tools and apparel like their fitness bands, daily text inspiration, and weekly fitness challenges, including a weekly Fitbit Challenge. Winners are announced weekly, and steps are tallied for the month to identify a monthly winner they lovingly call their “Fitbit Bae.” This is a gift of not just community but group accountability that will help your mom reach any fitness or wellness goal.

Each product could pair perfectly with Fitbit Sense™, which helps track the impact of lifestyle and product choices on stress management, mindfulness, and wellness. Click here to learn more about Fitbit Sense™.

Christina Blacken is a writer, performer, and public speaker on the topics of inclusive leadership and culture change, and is the founder of TheNewQuo.com, a leadership development and inclusion consultancy.


This article is a sponsored collaboration between Fitbit and G/O Media Studios.