The Full List of Obama Conspiracy Theories

Mother Jones
Mother Jones

We wish we could say the allegation that President Obama was born in Kenya and faked a U.S. birth certificate is the craziest thing that's been said about him during his time in the White House. Unfortunately, it isn't — not by far.


Mother Jones, in a piece titled "Obama Conspiracy-o-rama," has taken a trip down a memory lane of paranoid political fantasies, pulling together many of the outrageous stories that have been created about the president over the past four of five years. The bad news: Several of these made it into the mainstream. Even worse: This list will likely need to be updated in the next days and, if President Obama wins re-election, in the next four years.

Disclaimer: It should go without saying that none of these are true. Follow links at your own risk.

Obama is a secret Muslim: This one began right after he took the stage at the 2004 Democratic convention, with chain emails alleging his "true" religious affiliation. The rumor soon found its way onto the popular conservative online forum Free Republic, and took on a whole new life in the years to come. Related: Obama secretly speaks Arabic, attended a madrassa as a kid in Indonesia, referred to "my Muslim faith" in an interview, and was sworn in on a Koran.

Obama's bringing 100 million Muslims to America: Avi Lipkin and his PR outfit Special Guests claimed to have evidence of a scheme to bring roughly 100 million Muslims from the Middle East into the United States, converting the country into an Islamic nation by the end of Obama's second term and making it easier to obliterate Israel.

Obama once aided the mujahideen: Harlem pastor and professional race-baiter James David Manning contended that in his younger days, Obama went undercover as a CIA agent to facilitate the transfer of cash and weapons to the Afghan mujahideen in the '80s, thereby aiding what would become the Taliban.

Obama is in the pocket of the Muslim Brotherhood: Billy Graham's son Franklin wants you to know that Obama is allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to take over the federal government …

Our favorite is that he went to Mars as a teen. Check out the full list and let us know what yours is.

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