The Family Business: Russell and Ciara's Newest Delivery Is a Philanthropic Lifestyle Brand

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It’s been a busy year for the Wilsons—as if having their third child amid a pandemic and after what Ciara has since admitted was her “slowest” and most uncomfortable pregnancy wasn’t challenging enough, the duo made the most of the downtime allotted by Russell’s amended season to open the Why Not You charter school, stand up for Black Lives (Russell), drop a single in the final days of pregnancy (Ciara), and put philanthropy at the forefront as COVID-19 continued to devastate the country. Now in the last month of this very packed year, on Giving Tuesday the couple made yet another offering to the world, launching their lifestyle marketplace, The House of LR&C.


As explained exclusively to Vogue, the timing of the drop was intentional, as is the mission of the new “retail concept” which is reportedly the next evolution of their ongoing philanthropic efforts.

Though the project will eventually encompass multiple labels, it begins with their sustainable streetwear line, Human Nation. Financially accessible and consciously created, it’s sure to speak to ethically-minded consumers. Still, what sets Human Nation apart is the way it directly benefits those in need. For each purchase made, the company will donate 3% to the Why Not You Foundation, the Wilsons’ non-profit centered on children’s health, education, and fighting systemic poverty.

“It’s really about how we can take sports, fashion, music, and democratize them to create opportunities for the next generation,” Wilson told the magazine, also explaining the acronym LR&C. “We didn’t want this to be just fast fashion,” he later added. “We’re building on these core principles, the idea that behind this house, there is love, respect, and care. Each brand will have its own identity, but with that same [focus] on giving back.”

In accordance with that philosophy, the resulting leisurewear is made sustainably through certified factories and eco-friendly materials, with 100 percent recycled or recyclable packaging.

“One of the things we talked about beforehand was sustainability in fashion,” Wilson explained. “It’s such a critical issue and one of the elements that excited us most [within the project], so we invested in it.”


The line is also “radically inclusive,” boasting both a broad size range and a largely gender-fluid offering (Wilson’s Good Man Brand is also part of the House of LR&C). But of course, aesthetics matter, and while the opening aesthetic is largely minimalist, the imprint of Wilson’s equally famous (and fashionable) wife is obvious. “She’s been a fashion icon for years,” he tells Vogue.

“We have that range,” says Ciara. “Whether you want to be a tomboy or soften things up, there are pieces within the collection that allow you to do that. Inclusivity was at the forefront of our design process; we wanted to speak to as many people as possible. I love borrowing Russ’ clothes.”


As we’re now entering the winter of a year many of us have largely spent at home, the brand’s positively messaged athleisure offerings are right on time for the holiday season of quarantine. “We wanted to prioritize comfort right now as we’re all in our houses during this COVID era,” Ciara added. “The cool thing is you can wear Human Nation while you’re at home and then take it into the streets during your daily walk—having that flexibility was important to us.”


Most important to the couple is the brand’s potential impact. “It’s been amazing not just to give resources away, but to see the faces of the people we’re helping,” says Wilson. “To be able to build this for our community as Black business leaders and know that the people buying Human Nation or Good Man Brand are invested, not just financially but on a personal level.”

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