What would happen if you ignored watching the Emmys on television and simply let people on Twitter guide you through the three-hour program? Well, you'd get this:

@SPBVIP: As I tweeted a few months ago: Since 2000 Afr-Amers won 10 lead or supporting Tonys; 7 Oscars … & no Emmys in regular lead or support roles

@bomani_jones: The emmys are going to turn my timeline into something i could give a damn about. that's weird.


@BrothaYat: Wow … Betty White looks like she is 100 years old …

@BrothaYat: If he squeezed Betty any tighter she would have shattered

@chrisquintana: Emmy line #1: "I want to thank my lord & creator, Ryan Murphy" — Jane Lynch  lol! #emmys


@Deggans: Loved Stephen Colbert's joke, but can Tom Hanks get through an awards ceremony without some presenter cracking a Bosom Buddies joke … ?

@JulesAGray: If I were at the #emmys, all i'd be wearing is a plastic poncho and pleather cowboy boots

@RickMuscles: So far the comedy writing on the Emmys will not be winning an Emmy.


@karpo: wow — My boobs never looked like amy pohlers after giving birth #Emmys #notJealous

@minnie6998: I am suspect of a man with 2 first names … I'm really suspect of a man with 3 first names … Neil Patrick Harris

@JennyJohnsonHi5: Kim Kardashian just gave me gonorrhea. #Emmys


@KDavis Top Chef beating Amazing Race = Barkley beating Jordan for MVP."

@gingerkiller: What is with all the Oprah commercials?

@646guy: The Oprah death march continues … we get it … you are going off the air …


@ElianeNicole: That's cold blooded how they did the writer of #madmen while he was giving his thank U speech. right as he was saying he's insecure:(

@minnie6998: I kept getting Lost trying to watch Lost so I never made it past season 2.

@myNUdesigns: Ok. One #imboredremedy task done… what nw? Cuz #emmys iz soooo blowin right nw


@slackmistress: Angie Dickinson's plastic surgeon should get a lifetime achievement award for visual effects. #EMMYS

@minnie6998: I gotta give it to Jimmy Fallon … he really is funny as hell. Pouring out a 40 on stage … hilarious

@CeeTheTruthy: Where's the black folks? In a corner? Emmys have no real diversity. #fail



@poniewozik: "He's been through a lot. [Pause] Not as much as the Jews." Ricky Gervais I love you.

@KDavis: Stopped being a fan of Claire Danes after she "stole" Billy Crudup from Mary Louise Parker. #emmys


@mrdaveyd: Damn Jewel killed that memoriam song … makes u sit back and really think  God Bless #emmys

@BlackCanseco: Blair Underwood shoulda been nominated for that shrink show on HBO. He was badass in that. #emmys #emmys10

@KDavis: Um, #AlPacino has not aged well. #Emmys

@BlackCanseco: Pacino actually won the #EMMY for being a serious actor with that cascading thing on his head. #badtoupe


@rdmitchell: @BlackCanseco no no … more diversity in tv shows. Why can't we have a Cosby show today. I want TV shows that look like America. Not Hollywood

@thekellyecarter: Didn't know Jack Kevorkian was still alive. Steering clear of him when I go to HBO Emmys party.

@DarthJaeda: Okay, we're all gonna watch Larry Fishburne and pretend this hasn't been a bad month for him. #emmys


@JLComedy: Laurence Fishburne: "And the Emmy for outstanding Musical, variety, big band or porno goes to … my daughter??" #Emmys

@JoAnnSmith19: #S/o to Lawrence Fishburne showing face at The Emmys … wonder if his daughter is his escort? I mean date … wait—

@CertifiedTwenty I wonder if Lawrence Fishburne bought his daughter 2 the #Emmys so she can meet real actors


@atslopes: The diversity, or lack thereof, in this Emmys is startling. I thought advertising was bad-> Look at the crowd in 2010 ! #emmys #notagoodlook

@BlackCanseco: Am I wrong in saying that the #EMMYS winners are largely shows no one outside of Hollywood & NYC really watches?

@Richmonddm: The only blacks I see on the Emmys are the Tux.  Smh … We need more black people @ the #Emmys


@jianghomeshi Enjoying the all white #emmys?  Think I saw 3 blacks and a Mexican but not too many Asians

@jimmyfallon no care?

@MSZEEJAMES: As an African American & Actress the Emmy's & this business continues to be a disappointment!!


@RickMuscles: I guess it's pretty sad that the Cable Ace awards are becoming more relevant than the Emmys.

@BlackCanseco: I'm not sure which gathering has less ethnic diversity, Glenn Beck's rally or the #EMMYS broadcast

@blogdiva: WHY THE F*** IS AL PACINO ORANGE?!?!?! he's short, but hot damn, does he really want to be an oompaloompa in real life? #EMMYS


Lawrence C. Ross Jr. writes "The Divine Nine" blog about Black Greeks for The Root. He is the author of Divine Nine: The History of African American Fraternities and Sororities. Follow him on Twitter.

Lawrence Ross is the author of the Los Angeles Times best-seller The Divine Nine: The History of African American Fraternities and Sororities. His newest book, Blackballed: The Black and White Politics of Race on America’s Campuses, is a blunt and frank look at the historical and contemporary issue of campus racism on predominantly white college campuses. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.