It’s the scene when Joker breaks into an art museum and causes all kinds of ruckus and mayhem by defacing the priceless works. The whole display perfectly captures Joker’s wacky and mischievous aura and I watched the “funkiest man you’ve ever seen” on the big screen with a rapt fascination. The purple glue that brought it all together? Prince Rogers Nelson and his song from the film’s soundtrack, “Partyman.”

From the moment Prince sings, “All hail, the new king in towwwwn...” I thought I’d heard the coolest song in the entire universe.

Batman - Partyman (Museum Scene) / YouTube

Interestingly enough, I hadn’t thought about the fact that I said this the day before the 4th anniversary of the iconic artist’s death. It didn’t even occur to me until today. So, of course, today is a timely moment to honor what I believe to be the best part of the entire film. Cheers to the “black and white, red and green.” But most of all, cheers to the purple.


Rest in power, Purple One.

Prince - Partyman (Official Music Video) / YouTube