The Best Man 20th Anniversary: Let's Discuss How Hard Ginuwine, R.L., Tyrese and Case Were Singing on the Soundtrack

Ginuwine, R.L., Tyrese, Case - The Best Man I Can Be (Official Video) / GinuwineVEVO (YouTube)

Stop what you’re doing—you are now living in a world where Malcolm D. Lee’s The Best Man is 20 years old. Yes, the same movie with an epic bro-code violation and an Electric Slide to make everything okay is two decades old. The Best Man, which premiered October 22, 1999, can almost legally drink. What is time?!


The 20th anniversary is a huge one. Yes, there are typical moments of the film to celebrate like the bachelor party, the wedding day prayer and Nia Long’s sexually frustrated monologue, but that’s predictable, right?

Today? I’m celebrating a song. And, no, it’s not Stevie Wonder’s “As” or Cameo’s “Candy.” I’m talking about “The Best Man I Can Be” by Ginuwine, Tyrese, Case and R.L. Oh yes, I did.

In fact, I immediately thought of this song because of a Twitter thread this past summer where all of Black Twitter stopped arguing over unrealistic salaries and came together to discuss just how hard these four men were singing about brotherhood.

There are a few key components of this music video that stand out:

1. R.L. is clearly trying to be a mediator between “the hood with the high rises” and the “mansions with the maids.”


2. Case’s leather Twizzler suit is BET Awards level fabulous. I could see an IG influencer sporting this today.

3. The interpretive hand gestures in this song are very strong.

4. Ginuwine’s ‘Spin of Solidarity’ is priceless. A ‘Twirl of Team Spirit,’ if you will.


5. Though the song starts off with each man doing their solo riff, the best part comes when they’re all together, of course. Brotherhood. From Ginuwine bowing down to Tyrese to Tyrese throwing his damn hat at R.L., this is basically the musical version of a black man’s “man, I’m tryin’ to be like you!” It’s beautiful, honestly.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering where the long-awaited third chapter to the upcoming trilogy is hiding, BET last reported in 2018 that the tentatively titled, The Best Man Wedding, is on indefinite hiatus due to budget issues. The sequel, The Best Man Holiday, premiered in 2013.


Happy 20th to The Best Man. Shoutout to the deadly forehead kiss.

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The 90s, when R&B was filled with hard singing groups, starting with Dave Hollister and Blackstreet, everybody was putting out them power ballads that could light up a city with the energy they put out. I don’t know if Tyrese and them could hang with SOLO on He’s Not Good Enough,

Also: I don’t know what’s more seizure inducing in this video, the talking over the song, all that leather or the 10 billion cut scenes, gah!