‘The Aryan Nation Will Rule the World’: Florida White Supremacists Charged With Battery After Assaulting Server

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How is it that the state of Florida manages to collect so many of America’s craziest white people, why are those white people so often passionate racists, and why are those racists always Trump supporters? The last part of that question definitely answers itself, but still.


On Friday, a white man covered in swastika tattoos and other racist symbols walked into a restaurant in the town of Nokomis and allegedly began stripping off his clothes before flying into a rant about being a white supremacist, threatening a bystander with sexual assault, invoking President Donald Trump and then slapping and punching a server before being tackled to the ground.

The Herald-Tribune reports that 36-year-old Nicholas Arnold Schock is currently being held at the Sarasota County Jail and is charged with battery and disturbing the peace after going on a violent and racist rampage and terrorizing patrons and employees at Pop’s Sunset Grill. Multiple onlookers recorded video of the incident where Schock can be heard shouting “I’m a white supremacist,” and telling bystanders that “The Aryan nation will rule the world. People covered in tattoos will be my closest relatives, I promise you.”

One man can be heard telling Schock—who reportedly came into the restaurant shouting and using profanity—We have children in here.”

“I don’t give a fuck, call Donald Trump,” Schock responded. “Do you know Donald Trump? If you don’t know Donald Trump, I’m not going anywhere.”


“I will butt-fuck this bitch right on this table,” he continued referring to a female customer.

One witness, Declan McIlveney, was fishing nearby and heard the commotion after Schock was being detained by people waiting for the police to arrive. McIlveney told the Tribune that while Schock was on the ground “he spouted out all the Aryan nation, white power stuff. Then he started talking about how if anyone was phoning him or taking pictures, they should send it to Donald Trump because Donald Trump would get him off.”


Six men tackled Schock to the ground after he appeared to slap and then punch a waitress who confronted him after he essentially threatened to rape a woman.

The woman told deputies who arrived at the scene that Schock “entered the business cursing and screaming. He undressed down to no shirt and his pants undone, exposing his groin area enough to see his pubic hair,” the Tribune reports.


According to Newsweek, an affidavit from the Sarasota County Sheriff’s office said that witnesses heard Schock threaten to kill “everyone in the establishment” and claim that he has “killed niggers.”

According to the Tribune, Schock’s bail was originally set at $620 but was eventually raised to $55,000. It’s unclear why his bail was raised (not that anyone is complaining), but maybe it has something to do with his criminal history.


From the Tribune:

The Hardee County Clerk of Courts shows that Schock has had 31 cases since 2000.

In 2005, he was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of cocaine and alcohol for a person under 21.

In 2016, he was charged with fleeing from law enforcement, resisting arrest without violence, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (carrying a concealed firearm with ammunition), and criminal mischief more than $1,000.

He was sentenced to three years in state prison and was released Dec. 4, 2019.

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So much supremacy. I’m getting tired of all the supremacy. Can’t even go out to eat now without some big-bellied, stick’n’poke, sweaty-assed mud-butt shaking his acorn in peoples’ faces. They call it supreme and it don’t even come with sour cream. It is just mayo. Lord, lord. This is the best you got? This guy and Stephen Miller? At least when we had the Supremes they could sing, dag.