Law student Michaela (Aja Naomi King) and client-lover Caleb Hapstall (Kendrick Sampson) in How to Get Away With Murder
ABC/Mitchell Haaseth

The midseason finale of How to Get Away With Murder answered some burning questions, not least of which was “Who shot Annalise?” But in typical ShondaLand style, more questions resulted as the body count increased. Who will get away with murder this time?

5. Asher doesn’t deal with anger well: He seemed like one of the more levelheaded of Annalise Keating’s minions. Asher Millstone wasn’t a conspirator in any season 1 murders and wasn’t directly involved in the undergraduate gang rape of a student in his residence. However, he was quickly pushed to the edge and over it after learning of his father’s suicide and being dismissed by his mom.


Asher approached Emily Sinclair about how her investigation into his father’s rulings led to his hanging himself, but instead of offering apologies, the prosecutor mocked Asher, suggesting that his father was a victim of karma. Asher had lots of options here. He could have responded with an equally vicious retort. He could have exited his vehicle, taken a page from Nate’s book and threatened Sinclair. But instead he cracked open the Suge Knight manual. Asher calmly put his car in reverse, simply running his nemesis down, killing her. Welcome to the murder club, Asher.

4. Bonnie is ride-or-die: Question: Who do you call when you’re in a parking garage idling over the corpse of a woman you just ran over? Answer: Bonnie. Asher thinks Bonnie killed Sam, so why not dial up someone who can relate to a killing that occurred in a moment of rage? What he doesn’t know is that Bonnie is a much more methodical killer. So she’s only slightly fazed to find Sinclair’s lifeless body underneath her boo’s car, and Bonnie hops into action to protect her Clyde.

Say what you want about Bonnie; she’s that friend who jumps into your fight to defend you first and asks questions later: “Now, why did we just beat that girl’s ass?” After consulting with Annalise, Bonnie helps move the body (so cliché) and delivers it to the Hapstall mansion as though the corpse had been ordered from the local carryout.


3. Wes doesn’t know a leg from a torso: It seems that Wes is still salty about Rebecca. (Not since Survivor has anyone held a torch for so long.) Annalise devises a plan to protect Asher and Nate, who had publicly threatened Sinclair, and that plan includes her being shot … in the leg. It will also include framing Catherine for Sinclair’s murder. Annalise asks Connor, Michaela and Laurel to shoot her, all of whom refuse to do the deed.

So she turns to Wes, who seems reluctant, at first. That’s when Annalise tells him the truth about Rebecca: That girl has been dead, and Annalise has lied to him repeatedly. That’s when Wes takes aim, and though Annalise asked her students to aim for her leg, Wes either has horrible aim or prefers to inflict a bit more pain on his professor. He decides against putting a second bullet into Annalise when he hears her mutter, “Christophe.”

2. Wes is Christophe: Flashback! Annalise once rocked braids, but that’s not the biggest reveal of this time hop. A young Wes, referred to as Christophe, sits in an interrogation room and seemingly answers questions about his mom’s suicide. He’s not quite sure she’s dead, but she looked it. As he stoically recounts the events, he’s being watched.


1. Annalise and Wes have a past: While Christophe describes what unfolded with his mother, Annalise and Eve stand behind a one-way mirror observing him. What do they have to do with Wes/Christophe and his mom? They are more than just spectators, as Eve wonders, “What did we do?” Knowing Annalise, whatever she did, she was trying to protect someone and ended up doing more damage than good in the process. Was Wes’ mom’s suicide staged? Could Judge Millstone’s suicide have been staged? Will Catherine be suspected of shooting Annalise? Will Nate continue to take his shirt off? Will Asher get away with murder?

Season 2 returns in February!