The 2020 Census Is Critical for Black People. Here's Why We Need to 'Make Black Count'

April 1 marks Census Day, and the resounding message is clear: Go fill out the Census, y’all.


As black people, I’d argue that we have a particularly strong motivation to complete the (approximately 10-question) survey: African Americans have been historically undercounted in America.

In the very first Census, black people were counted as three-fifths human. Fast forward to the 2010 Census, when 3.9 million black people were omitted.


Jeri Green is the 2020 Census Senior Advisor for the National Urban League. Green says communities of color are increasingly undercounted in the Census.

“African-American men of every age group from 18 to 50 are undercounted in significant numbers,” Green told The Root. “Renters are undercounted. Most importantly, 7 out of 10 black children were omitted in the last census.”

These omissions mean that millions of dollars in federal funding aren’t allocated to our communities: Pell Grants; national direct student loans; the list goes on.

“It’s about democracy. That’s what this is about. The census is the cornerstone of democracy in this country,” says Green.


Be counted: Fill out your Census online, by mail or via telephone. Don’t fret! Today might be ‘Census Day,’ but you have until August 14 to submit your 2020 Census. Let’s ‘Make Black Count.’

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Stop treating the Census like jury duty, people! Fill it out!