That’s So Raven Star Kyle Massey to Be Sued for Sexually Explicit Messages to 13-Year-Old

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Former That’s So Raven star Kyle Massey is accused of sending sexually explicit messages to a 13-year-old girl in a new $1.5 million civil suit, according to court documents obtained by Us Weekly.


Massey, 27, is said to have sent texts, images and videos to the unnamed teen.

The lawsuit, not yet formally filed, claims Massey met the child as a 4-year-old in 2009 and stayed in touch with her to assist her career.


Massey was first featured in That’s So Raven in 2003 when he began his run as Cory. Later, he stared in the Raven spinoff, Cory in the House, which ran for two seasons.

In December of last year, Massey allegedly attempted to get the girl to come to stay with him and his girlfriend in Los Angeles while he found an agent for her. Days after the offer, Massey allegedly began sending her sexually explicit content, including messages that showed his penis.

Massey is being sued for intentional infliction of emotional distress and three counts of negligence per se, including harmful matter, sent with intent of section of a minor and attempt to commit a lewd act with a minor.

Massey’s mother Angel took to Instagram to defend her son on Saturday. “KYLE MASSEY IS THE VICTIM!” she wrote. “Where is the justice for MEN?!”


Neither Massey nor his representative could be reached for comment.

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Jesus Christ, who “stays in touch” with a FOUR-YEAR-OLD? How was that not an immediate and obvious warning sign to everyone in either of these peoples’ lives? Yes, I get it—we live in a culture that implicitly condones and enables this shit, but still!

“Staying in touch” with a four-year-old.

I can’t even.