Thank God Barack and Michelle Happened to Black Love

Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images
Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

When the first presidential debate airs on Oct. 3, the Village Celebration's Chandra Thomas Whitfield writes, she'll be watching while also reflecting gratefully on the 20th wedding anniversary of America's first couple.

As someone who is still very much a newlywed, Barack and Michelle's love inspires me to work harder at being a better wife and mother; and to be more supportive, understanding and patient with my mate. I know that our president makes my husband, and legions of other men, want to be a better, better half  and father too. Let's face it; the man makes matrimony look fun!

My late grandparents, Mildred and Elmo Williams of New Orleans, almost made it to 50 years and I also had many other living examples of strong marriages in my lifetime. The Obamas love, however, serves as a shining example to the millions among us who have not been so blessed to witness a healthy marriage firsthand. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. President for doing that for us!

Duty calls October 3, the night of the Obamas 20th wedding anniversary and the evening of the first Presidential debate. President Obama has to work the debate to improve his shot at a second term. I'm sure Michelle (and possibly their girls) will be cheering him on from the front row. Hopefully after he, as my husband quips about his courtroom opponents, "hands Mitt Romney his lunch," tonight maybe, just maybe, he can briefly serenade his beautiful bride over a quiet dinner and candlelight before heading off to the next campaign stop. I'm pulling for you too, Michelle!


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