Texts May Once Again Prove Problematic for Football Player Antonio Brown

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Looks like text messages may land Antonio Brown, the NFL wide receiver booted last month from the New England Patriots, in hot water once again.


Brown, who faces accusations of sexual assault and misconduct by two women, was released by the Patriots after he reportedly sent threatening text messages to the second woman after her story became public.

After being let go by the Patriots, Brown launched a claim against New England as well as the Oakland Raiders, the team he was on just prior, saying they owed him money—$30 million from the Raiders alone—guaranteed him by contract.

But according to Yahoo! Sports, the Raiders have released text messages from Brown they say indicate that he asked to be released from the team. Thus, Oakland argues, Brown is not owed anything.

Citing ESPN, Yahoo! Sports reports:

The Raiders submitted multiple text messages that Brown sent to team owner Mark Davis asking to be released from the team, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen. Brown was then released on Sept. 7.

The reported texts are another example of Brown attempting to get out of his contract with the Raiders before the season started, following a post on Instagram and then a YouTube video he posted that showed him celebrating his release after he finally got it.


As Sports Illustrated explains:

The text messages were part of the discovery in one of [Brown’s] many legal battles since being released on Sept. 7. Brown also made his release request in an Instagram post after he was fined $215,073.53 on for conduct detrimental to the team and voided the $29.125 million worth of guaranteed money in his contract. Shortly after the release, Brown’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said the case could be the subject of a legal challenge by the NFL Players Association.


Brown’s time with the Raiders was tumultuous, as well. His tenure culminated in a confrontation with team general manager Mike Mayock, during which Brown reportedly called Mayock a “cracker.”

The Patriots signed Brown within hours of his being released by the Raiders, but he lasted on the New England team only about two weeks before the sexual misconduct allegations surfaced.


Brown also is seeking $9 million guaranteed him by contract as a signing bonus to the Patriots. Despite the potential setback regarding the Raiders money, the Patriots are likely to be found to owe Brown the $9 million, according to Yahoo! Sports.



 Texts Antonio Brown May Once Again Prove Problematic for Football Player Antonio Brown