Montrae Toliver

One Fort Worth, Texas, teen has found himself in a lot of trouble after he allegedly posted to Twitter a photo of an airsoft pellet gun being pointed at a police car with the caption, “Should I do it? They don’t care for a black male anyways!” CBS News reports.

Montrae Toliver, 17, was arrested on charges of making a terroristic threat, the news site notes, after the tweet drew the attention of alarmed police. According to CBS, someone saw the tweet and took a screenshot and sent it to the Fort Worth Police Department’s Facebook page. The teen had sent out a separate tweet acknowledging that the gun was an airsoft replica, which Fort Worth police confirmed.


“Either way, it’s a threat,” department spokeswoman Tamara Pena told the news site. “And so it’s going to be looked into.”

According to CBS, Toliver posted a tweet after the controversial pic noting, “Everyone is Posting The Pic of The One Picture But No one Will Post The One That’s Right Before It That Shows Its [sic] an Airsoft.”

Toliver’s alleged pellet gun tweet is especially contentious given the recent killing of two police officers in Brooklyn, N.Y., earlier this month by gunman Ismaaiyl Brinsley. Brinsley fired at the cops, who were sitting in their patrol car, after posting threats to Instagram.


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