Texas Teacher Who Asked Trump to Deport ‘Illegal Students’ at Her School Gets Fired

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Screenshot: Twitter (via Washington Post)

When someone is a complete and total jerk for no reason, we as a collective love to see them get what is coming to them. Don’t bother denying it; there is a (not so) secret satisfaction in watching a deserving jackass get their comeuppance.


This is especially true when said deserving jackass is a racist troll who went the extra mile of openly tweeting her name and personal phone number to Donald Trump, asking him for help in removing what she described as “illegal students” from her school.

Such is the case of Georgia Clark, a former high school English teacher in Fort Worth, Texas. She made headlines earlier this year when screenshots of her tweets were made public by the Washington Post. The shame of it all prompted the Fort Worth Independent School District to place her on administrative leave with pay while they investigated her for “inappropriate behavior in violation of district regulations.” The district voted unanimously on Tuesday to fire her, according to The Hill, upholding a decision that had been made in June.

Apparently, writing “Mr. President, Fort Worth Independent School District is loaded with illegal students from Mexico” and “Anything you can do to remove the illegals from Fort Worth would be greatly appreciated” in two separate tweets on Twitter wasn’t the first time Clark exhibited racist behavior toward minority students, according to the Post:

Last month, when one student asked to go to the bathroom, Clark told the student to “show me your papers that are saying you are legal,” a student told investigators, which was corroborated by another student. She denied to investigators that she made the comment, which the report claims occurred on May 17 — the same day Clark tweeted at Trump multiple times about what she perceived as illegal immigration in Fort Worth and in the school district.

In 2007, Clark kicked a student, the review said, though an investigation determined it was “without malice.” In 2013, she was disciplined for referring to a group of students as “little Mexico” and called another student “white bread.” Those allegations proved to be true, according to the review.

The Hill reports that Clark has the option of appealing her termination.

Let’s hope she doesn’t. Let’s hope she never gets to be around innocent children again.

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