Texas Restaurant Employee Fired After Playing N.W.A’s ‘F--k tha Police’ While Officers Ate

MC Ren and Eazy-E from N.W.A perform during the Straight Outta Compton tour at Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Mo., in 1989.
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A Texas BBQ restaurant has drawn attention after an employee reportedly blasted N.W.A's “F-ck tha Police” while officers were eating there, according to Complex.

According to a Facebook post reportedly written by Deputy Shane Cates that has since been removed, he and a few other fellow officers went to Going's Barbeque & Steak Co. in Crosby, Texas, for a meal. While eating, Cates said, he noticed that people were looking at the officers, and then he noticed the music coming from behind the counter.


"The guys in the back were playing a rap song that was saying '[f—k] the police' over and over," Cates wrote.

The officer reportedly walked to where the music was coming from and saw a teenager washing dishes and singing along with the song. Cates said that the teen "turned and noticed me standing there and started laughing." Cates said that he asked to speak to the manager, who wasn't present at the time. The officer then "left with the music still playing and customers looking around."

The following day, Cates reportedly returned to the restaurant and reported the incident to the owner. Cates said that the owner started laughing, saying, "‘[W]ell you can eat today because the boy is off today,’" according to Cates' post. When Cates asked the owner if the situation was funny, the owner reportedly "‘looked at [him] and laughed.’"

Rigo Berto Ruiz, the co-owner of the restaurant chain, confirmed that the incident did happen, according to the Houston Chronicle, and that the dishwasher did, in fact, purposely play the song as the restaurant manager served the officers their food.


Ruiz said that the conversation with the manager may have played out the way it did because of some miscommunication between the two, blaming a language barrier.

The teen has since been fired. However, his mother told ABC 13 that the 17-year-old is "embarrassed by it and sorry for what happened. He made a mistake and realizes what he did was wrong. He's deeply sorry."


The restaurant also publicly apologized for the incident in a statement.

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