Texas Politician Kinda Apologizes After He’s Caught on Tape Using the N-Word


A Texas politician has apologized after social media users shared audio clips of him using the n-word in a racist rant. But his half-assed mea culpa was not to the people about whom he said the words. He also didn’t say he was sorry for using the words. He apologized for people finding out about it.

The Brownsville Herald reports that recordings of Brownsville, Texas, City Commissioner Cesar De Leon went viral this week when people began sharing on Facebook the audio of him referring to two black assistant prosecutors as “fucking niggers.” De Leon also talked mad shit about other city commissioners in an expletive-laced tirade usually reserved for old white men with pointed hoods in their closets.

Cesar De Leon (courtesy of the
city of Brownsville)

“I want to begin by apologizing,” De Leon said Wednesday in his apology. “I want to apologize to the citizens of Brownsville or whoever had to listen to those tapes because there is a lot of profane language and that was a private conversation. It was never meant to be public, but it’s very important that people understand that I’m very apologetic.”


Wait ... what? He’s apologizing for the profanity and not for calling two black men “niggers”? He’s apologizing for a private conversation that went public, but not for how the most egregious slur slid off his tongue like he was channeling David Duke’s dead body? (Yes, David Duke is technically dead. His corpse is just occupied by a slightly less evil demon animating itself off hate and white power.)

In the recorded rant, De Leon says:

There are a couple of fucking niggers that Luis Saenz is getting, and I don’t know where he is getting them from. They are coming down to my fucking city and now they are trying to fucking put everybody in jail because they think we are a bunch of Mexicans that hit our wives, which couldn’t be further from the fucking truth, but that is how they see us.

They are fucking ... and I would say this, that I would never dare use that word, but you know what, yes, there are a couple of niggers in there that think that all of us are fucking taco eaters.


De Leon says the clips were edited, and blames the city’s former fire chief, Carlos Elizondo, whom he was talking to at the time of the recording.

Read more at the Brownsville Herald.

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