Mack Breed
ABC News

The superintendent of the Northside Independent School District has confirmed that John Jay High School secondary coach Mack Breed is "no longer an employee of the school district," following accusations that the coach ordered a hit on a referee during one of the games, Reuters reports. 

"Coach Breed made verbal statements after the game to some of his colleagues and to his head coach where he did indicate in various ways that he had directed students to make some kind of contact with the official," Brian Woods said, according to the newswire.

Woods made the announcement before an investigation panel Thursday, telling the University Interscholastic League that Breed later changed his story after realizing that he would be appearing before the committee, which governs school sports in the state. The league is looking at possible punishment in the incident. 

"Our initial investigation was that Coach Breed had indicated to the two young men to make some kind of contact with the official, or to 'make him pay.' One of those young men confirms that; the other does not," Woods added. "That individual [Breed] is no longer an employee of the school district."

John Jay players claimed that the referee in question, Robert Watts, made racist comments. His lawyer has denied those claims.


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