Lonnie and Jo Harrison (KTRK-TV screenshot)
Lonnie and Jo Harrison (KTRK-TV screenshot)

How do you steal a whole house, fam? Logically, I know the answer, but still, what kind of planning and balls does it take to move a house off of someone’s property?

A Houston couple is looking for answers—and hoping to have their vacation home returned to them—after someone stole the structure right off their property in Madisonville, Texas.


According to KTRK-TV, Jo and Lonnie Harrison bought the 10-acre property in Madisonville, along with a prefab one-bedroom, one-bath home, last year.

They use the property as an escape from busy city life, but they hadn’t driven to the property since early November. So imagine the couple’s shock when they attempted to visit their home over the weekend, only to find it gone.

“Nothing. Nothing that I wanted to see. I didn’t see the house,” Lonnie Harrison told the news station. “All I saw were blocks and pipes sticking out. The whole house gone. Everything except the blocks.”

Jo Harrison couldn’t believe what her husband was telling her.

“People come up missing, cars are stolen, but a house?” Jo Harrison said.

The couple called the Madison County Sheriff’s Department to report the missing house and are hoping that someone saw something that will help them get their home back.


“I said, ‘You know this is really going to sound strange, but I need to report a stolen house.’ They were like, ‘A house?’ I said, ‘Yes. We have 10 acres and had a little cabin, and the cabin is gone,’” Jo Harrison recalled.

Anyone with information about the building—which has wood siding and a green roof—is asked to call the Sheriff’s Department.


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