Hector Montoya

Young Hector Montoya had been saving up for almost a year to buy himself a new PlayStation 4 console, but his plans all changed when he discovered that some people did not have smoke detectors in their homes, NBCDFW reports.

According to the 9-year-old Dallas boy's grandmother, Hector's decision to take the money he had saved to buy smoke detectors for families in need was sparked after he saw a news story about a mother and child dying in a fire in a home with none of the devices.

"Really it just hurt my heart," Hector told the news station. "I was going to buy a PlayStation but I decided saving a life was more important 'cause one life lost is too many."

So he took the money and donated some 100 smoke detectors, which he helped the Grand Prairie Fire Department to install. Hector shrugged off the loss of the coveted console with maturity, telling the station that he would probably just start saving up again.

But as it turns out, another family noticed Hector's efforts and was inspired by the youngster’s selflessness. Two teenage siblings decided that Hector deserved to have his PS4 right away.


Ashton and Peyton Harder, along with their mother, bought Hector the PS4, and travelled about 45 minutes to personally deliver it to him.

"To see a 9-year-old worrying about so many others, you can't help but want to give him what he wants," Ashton Harder, 19, told NBCDFW. "We thought that he deserved something special."


The Harders also gave Hector another $150 to go toward his smoke detector initiative. Hector said that he planned to keep up his good works.

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