Tenn. Woman Called Racial Slur, Threatened at Stoplight: ‘I’ll Punch the F--k Out of You’

Monica Johnson
Fox 17 screenshot

Monica Johnson of Nashville, Tenn., was at a stoplight on Sept. 11, talking to her daughter on the phone while driving home from work. 

Another driver apparently became so enraged by this that he pulled up beside her and hurled threats and slurs her way in a frightening rant caught on video, Fox 17 reports


"Put it down, n—ger! Put it down, n—ger! If you let me catch you, bitch, I'll punch the f—k out of you!" the still-unidentified white man yelled from his vehicle at Johnson. 

"I put the windows down so I could hear him clearly, and I was baffled," Johnson told the news station. "It wasn't because of me. It's because of what I represent, and I represent black people, but I hadn't done anything personal to him."

Johnson doesn't know who the man is and didn't manage to get his license plate number, but she is hoping that someone recognizes the man behind the threat. 

"He made the threat he would punch me in my face. That's huge," she said. 

According to the news station, Johnson shared the video on Facebook, garnering more than 9,000 shares and hundreds of comments. People are insisting that the police get involved. Because of that encouragement, Johnson plans to report the incident to the police, saying that she shared the video with very clear intentions.


"I want his employers to see it, his friends to see it, his church, his family. I want them to see how he behaves towards people of color. I'm not the only black person here in Nashville. If he would say to me, he would say it to someone else," she said. 

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