Teen Stabs Classmate With Scissors After He Pulls Up Her Dress

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Two Memphis, Tenn., high schoolers have been issued juvenile summonses after a stabbing incident. A female student stabbed a male classmate after he lifted up her dress, according to Fox 13.


Authorities say the student at Central High School grabbed the scissors after the young man lifted her dress and attempted to stab the male student several times until finally connecting. The male student was treated at the nurse’s office for his injuries.

According to the police report, the male student stated that he was just playing and never exposed the female student. In response, the female student replied, “And you get what you got.” Well, no, she didn’t actually say that. But I did in the eighth grade after some dude named Mustafa touched my butt and I punched him in the face.

The male student received a juvenile summons for sexual battery, and the female student was issued one for aggravated assault.

Maybe next time he’ll keep his hands to himself.

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And every boy in the room learned this is a possible response and will think four times before the next time he tries this.