Teen Mob Overruns New York City Mall

Teens reportedly stormed through a Brooklyn, N.Y., mall in on Thursday, disrupting post-holiday shopping.

A horde of rowdy teens reportedly stormed through a Brooklyn, N.Y., shopping center Thursday evening, frightening workers and customers who were on the hunt for post-holiday bargains, CNN reports.

The incident began at 6 p.m., when about 300 youth began roaming the mall at Kings Plaza Shopping Center, the report shows. They then burst into a frenzy of yelling, running, shoving and pounding on doors. Many stores were forced to close on the busy shopping day after Christmas, CNN says.


Police arrived about 9 p.m. after mall security called for backup, a New York police spokesman told CNN. Officers eventually escorted the youth away from the mall. There were no arrests or complaints filed with the authorities about damage or assaults, said police, who were reviewing mall security video as part of an investigation into the incident.

"Things are back to normal with more police around," Joli Chen, a worker at a beauty supply store, told CNN Saturday. "But the other day was crazy. Black Friday was normal compared to that. They were making trouble."

Chen told CNN that the teens were trying to scare workers and shoppers. “They were cursing at us,” she said. “The police tried to keep them moving but there were so many. And there are so many entrances, they kept coming back in."

On Friday, the mall turned away unaccompanied minors, but on Saturday, Chen said, teens were allowed to shop again on their own.


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