Teen Dies in Jail After Marijuana Arrest

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Teen dies in jail after arrest for marijuana possession: Eric Perez suffered a medical emergency while being held at a detention center in Florida. Despite vomiting and crying for help, Perez was reportedly left to suffer for more than six hours before receiving medical attention. By the time he was seen by emergency personnel, it was too late. Why was he in a detention center to begin with? For the nonviolent act of possessing a small amount of marijuana.


President Obama to deliver remarks at MLK Memorial unveiling: On Sunday, Aug. 28, President Obama will deliver remarks at the unveiling of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the National Mall.

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Where are people of color in national parks? Maybe Oprah was on to something with her assessment of camping  ("Black people don't like to pretend that we're homeless"). While the American public has grown increasingly diverse in the last decade, black and Hispanic Americans remain underrepresented in visits to the 394 national parks properties.

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