Saw this list of women doing big things in tech over on Laptop Mag in celebration of Ada Lovelace Day. Who is Ada Lovelace you ask?

The short version is that Ada’s mother, Lady Byron (once married to poet Lord Byron), was not all that fond of her ex-husband, and saw to it that Ada received an education in mathematics and music, “to counter dangerous poetic tendencies.” This led to her interest in things scientific, and she called herself “an Analyst (& Metaphysician).”

Charles Babbage was a fan, and Ada’s correspondence with him is well worth a read if scientific history is of interest to you. Her most famous work is a translation of an article on Babbage’s Analytical Engine. She added notes of her own to said article that amounted to one of the first computer programs.

This day is for celebrating the contributions of not only the Countess of Lovelace, but all women in mathematics and science. To that end, LAPTOP raises a glass to the following women (in no particular order). These trailblazers in science and technology have influenced not only much of the software, websites, gadgets, and gizmos we use every day, but the technological future we’re all racing toward

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