Tech2Go: Another Way to 'Stalk' Your Friends


First, let's be clear that I use the term "stalk" very loosely. And second, let's not act like I'm the only person out there who uses Facebook to "occasionally" check up on an ex. But if you need even more options in your friend-tracking arsenal, Highlight might just do the trick.


Highlight is the much-talked-about app that lets you know when someone from your network is in your area. If any of your friends or contacts is within 100 meters, you get an alert. It will also "highlight" others you may not know who have common connections (hometown, school, shared interests, etc.).

Much has been made of this app's "stalker factor." Highlight was the darling of this year's SXSW festival, but a lot of folks are a little creeped out by the fact that someone always knows when they're nearby, not to mention the privacy issues that arise as well. Battery life is also a big issue because Highlight needs to be constantly running in the background to work on your phone. 

Ultimately, the goal of the app was to give folks a "sixth sense" about others around them and bring new people into their lives. I'm gonna go with the whole creepy thing. What do you think?

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