Teacher to Student: 'I Know Punks Like You. I Kick Their Behinds Every Day!'

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From the BVX's "Daily SMH":

Highlights of a video of a teacher breaking up a fight between students include the following quotes:

"I'm tired of your little fat a— around here running your mouth!"

"I'll bust yo' sh—! Have your lip looking bigger than what it is!"

"That's what is wrong with ni——s now!"

"I know punks like you. I kick their behinds every day!"

"You're trying to show off in front of the girls, but I'm about to show off on you!"


SMH, indeed.

Two quick questions: 1) Who is the adult here? and 2) Why does Spike Lee and Arne Duncan's call for more black men to become teachers (and replace guys like this) suddenly feel more urgent?


Read more and watch the video at the BVX.

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