Teacher Resigns After Being Outed as an Alleged White Supremacist

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A high school teacher resigned from an Illinois high school after he was exposed by anti-racism activists as a cyber-racist, which is like regular racism but for white cowards who can only espouse their hate when they are far from negroes and have a good wi-fi connection. Online sleuths found a number of posts reportedly penned by the educator bragging about indoctrinating students with white nationalist ideology, finally answering the burning question: “What do racists put on their W-2s?”

Kevin Pummill was a mild-mannered, unassuming teacher at Pekin Community High School in Pekin, Ill. But according to Identify Evropa, a website dedicated to outing white supremacists online, he was allegedly known as “Undercover Academic,” a pro-white social studies teacher who informed students at his lily-white school about the dangers of race mixing, Mexicans and—of course—the Jews. He also boasted about bringing his wife into the fold of white supremacy and lamented the number of non-white kids trick or treating in his neighborhood.

Screenshot: Unicorn Riot/Identify Evropa

The undercover racism lover was discovered when the alternative, non-profit media group Unicorn Riot leaked more than 770,000 messages from the Discord chat server, an online community for people who want to make America great again through a process that includes ethnic cleansing, intimidation and fires. (Side note: Why do racists like fire so much? Whether it’s crosses, bonfires or tiki torches, why must the work of racism always be done near an open flame?) According to the site, Pummill sponsored the school’s politics club and boasted about informing his students of the white genocide in South Africa (a conspiracy theory that has been debunked), immigrant invasions, the gay agenda and—again—the Jews.

Screenshot: Unicorn Riot/Identify Evropa

After concerned people contacted the school, the district began an investigation, WEEK reports. But before the investigation was underway, on Tuesday, Pummill resigned from the school, apparently to pursue a full-time position in the lucrative Caucasian industry that includes careers in law enforcement, Waffle Houses and the Trump administration.


After Pummill’s resignation, district superintendent Danielle Owens released a statement saying:

Pekin Community High School District No. 303 commenced an investigation into allegations that one of its teachers had engaged in racist activities. During the course of the investigation, the teacher resigned from employment and will not return to the school. While the resignation occurred early in the process of the investigation, school representatives were able to confirm that the teacher made a number of troubling and offensive posts on a private web-based message board. While the school is not aware of any instances of discriminatory conduct against students by the teacher, any concerns by parents or students should be brought to the attention of the administration. Pekin Community High School is committed to providing a quality inclusive education to all of its students.


Pekin has a long history of racism. In the 1920s the town served as the regional headquarters for the Ku Klux Klan and was known as a “sundown town,” a moniker that let black people know not to be caught in town after sundown, the Pekin Times reports. (Coincidentally, the newspaper was started by a Grand Titan for the Ku Klux Klan and his compadres.) The school mascot was literally —the “Chinks” (No, I’m not making this up)—until 1980, when the school chose to change its name to the Dragons. Of course, they also changed the school chant, which spelled the school’s name with three K’s (Again, I shit you not). Now they are the Grand Dragons.

According to U.S. News, Pekin Community High school is 94 percent white, 1 percent black, 1 percent Asian and 2 percent Hispanic.


Correction: 5/13/19, 7:40 a.m. ET: A photo that misidentified Kevin Pummill has been replaced.

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