Teacher Calls First-Graders 'Future Criminals'


Your Black World founder Boyce Watkins writes a blog entry about a white teacher in Paterson, N.J., who was suspended for complaining on Facebook that she's a "warden for future criminals." He says that the attitude is emblematic of the racial bias that destroys hope in minorities who attend America's broken school system.


Jennifer O'Brien, a teacher in Paterson, New Jersey is in serious trouble after some remarks she made about her first graders on Facebook. The teacher, who'd grown frustrated with her class, went to Facebook to state that some of her students were "future criminals." The bulk of O'Brien's students are black and [Hispanic].

During her peculiar Facebook post, O'Brien stated that she'd just spent another day in the "blackboard jungle."  She then went on to say "I'm not a teacher, I'm a warden for future criminals."


Later in the day, O'Brien went back to Facebook to ask why her first graders couldn't be put into a scared straight program, which allows young people to meet real prison inmates. "They had a scared straight program in school — why couldn't i bring 1st graders?" she said.

O'Brien's comments got back to the school board, who suspended her immediately.  

Read Boyce Watkins' entire blog entry at Your Black World.

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