If You’re Really Into MSNBC and Joy-Ann Reid Right Now You Have Yvette Miley to Thank

Joy-Ann Reid has become a national treasure. As one of few black faces in an anchor chair on MSNBC after the network dealt with the sudden departure of Melissa Harris-Perry in February 2016 and this February’s exit of Tamron Hall, Reid is one of only three African Americans with a regular show on the network. And…

3 Reasons I Believe TrumPutin Released His Own Taxes, and 1 Reason I Don’t

When Rachel Maddow tweeted that she had Vladimir TrumPutin’s tax return, it was as if Beyoncé and Frank Ocean had made a duets album that leaked at midnight. We all rushed to see what the hell she’d found. But in the end it was less Blond Lemonade and more Geraldo, his dumb-ass mustache and Al Capone’s empty vault.