House Employment Counsel Staff Share Stories of Abuse in the Workplace: White Manager Displayed Whip to ‘Motivate the Black Employees’

As stories of sexual harassment in the workplace have been circulated as part of the powerful #MeToo movement, it has exposed how virulent the issue is across the nation and across all job sectors. It would only make sense, then, for a congressional hearing to be held on the issue.

55 Percent of White Americans Believe Whites Face Racial Discrimination, Which Means 55 Percent of White Americans Are Really Stupid!

As Halloween nears, I’m reminded of the time 20 or so years ago when my then-7-year-old nephew spent the entire year talking about Halloween. How much candy he was going to get, how great his costume was going to be, how many houses he was going to hit—he was an unceasing stream of Halloween-related predictions,…

Black Passenger Says American Airlines Forced Her to Give Up Her 1st-Class Seat but Let Her White Friend Remain

On May 2, Rane Baldwin checked into American Airlines Flight 5389, leaving Kentucky for Charlotte, N.C. Baldwin, a black woman, and her friend Janet Novack, a white woman, were traveling together, and both had first-class seats because Baldwin bought and upgraded the tickets. But unfortunately for Baldwin, she was…