Black N.C. Mother Charged With Drowning Death of Her Toddler During Hurricane Florence Gets Support From NAACP

When Hurricane Florence battered the Carolinas in September, Dazia Lee’s tragic story made national headlines. Thinking the storm had passed on Sept. 16, the 20-year-old Lee headed out to her grandmother’s house with her 1-year-old son, Kaiden, strapped in his car seat. The drive took a tragic turn when a flash flood…

For Decades, This St. Louis Jail Held Hundreds of Impoverished Black People. Activists Are Working to Shut It Down

“The reason why these men are in chains in the St. Louis Workhouse is because they are poor. Every lawyer in St. Louis knows this to be a fact. Probably many of them are innocent, but certainly every one of them is ‘broke’. There would be no more chance of a man with money having chains put on him in the St. Louis

California Prosecutor Called Maxine Waters a ‘Loud Mouthed C-Word in the Ghetto.’ His New Boss Calls it ‘Salty’ Language

San Bernardino County’s lead gang prosecutor is under investigation after a series of racist and xenophobic posts he wrote on social media were unearthed. Even though there are calls for Deputy District Attorney Michael Selyem to step down in light of the deeply offensive posts, several of his colleagues have come to…

The True Danger of Trump: How White, Republican Judges Sentence Black People to Longer Prison Terms

While you were worried about Russian collusion, Kardashian pardons, national anthem protests, trade tariffs, border walls and Melania Trump’s secret face-lift kidney surgery, the Trump administration has been successfully implementing an insidious plan that threatens to reverberate in black America for decades to come.

White Judge Sentenced to Probation for Election Fraud in Same County Where Black Woman Received 5 Years

Right now, there is a black woman sitting in prison, reading about a Texas judge who was found guilty of the same crime she committed. She probably noticed that the judge was sentenced to five years’ probation in the same county that sentenced her to five years in jail. More than likely, she also noticed that she is…