Toronto Principal Transferred After Being Accused of Racially Profiling Students With ā€˜Black Listā€™

To hear Principal Peggy Aitchison of Etobicoke School of the Arts tell it, she was just trying to track gaps in educational support and achievement. So she crafted a list of students which she she shared with other staff at ESA in November. The issue? The list comprised only the schoolā€™s black studentsā€”including itsā€¦

Canadaā€™s Ex-Poet Laureate Stole From Tupac and Maya Angelou in the Greatest Cultural Appropriation of All Time

Move over, Taylor Swift. Kendall and Kylie, have as many seats as you need. Thereā€™s a new front-runner for The Rootā€™s second-annual Wypipo Awards, and even though the nominations have not yet been formally submitted, I have a feeling that Pierre DesRuisseaux might be 2017ā€™s runaway winner.