T-Pain Unleashes Nappy Boy Radio on PodcastOne

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T-Pain is a man of many talents.

Aside from his Grammy Award-winning music career and status as the godfather of Auto-Tune, he’s blossomed into an astute businessman who’s expanded his brand to include Twitch streaming, book deals, and an assortment of other lucrative ventures. He’s also entirely capable of still delivering a banger—as evidenced by his latest single “I Like Dat,” which features Kehlani and is guaranteed to make social distancing just a tad more difficult this summer.


He’s also adding podcaster to his resume, with the announcement that he’s signed an exclusive production and distribution deal with PodcastOne to host Nappy Boy Radio with T-Pain.

“Too many conversations and interactions I was having with various people kept ending in the same way, with me saying, ‘Damn, we should have recorded that.’ So we decided to do just that and launch the Nappy Boy Radio podcast,” T-Pain said in a statement provided to The Root. “Partnering with PodcastOne, a company that is ‘talent first,’ was a no-brainer for us.”

As anyone who follows Teddy Pain on social media knows, the dude is incredibly entertaining. In April, he went viral after discovering Instagram’s Message Request folder and found out that celebrities, potential collaborators, and other important figures had been trying to contact him for years to no avail.

But instead of getting upset about his faux pas, the Tallahassee, Fla., native has used it to his advantage. He’s leveraged his mistake into a weekly IG Live series/apology tour that has featured conversations with everyone from fellow recording artist Rich the Kid to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. So if you’ve been delighted by T-Pain’s virtual hijinx, his forthcoming podcast is likely right up your alley.

From a press release provided to The Root:

Nappy Boy Radio with T-Pain is a fun, crazy, and in your face conversation among friends and guests of the legendary artist as he unleashes his rolodex of musicians, actors, athletes and a few other “extracurricular” associates he’s had the pleasure of knowing throughout his career. Each week Pain, his co-hosts and guests will dive head first into the world of music, gaming, exotic cars, tech, and alcoholic beverages, as they peel back the layers of what really adds spice to life. Recorded in his new state of the art podcast studio, you’ll ride shotgun with Pain as he takes his guests on a gauntlet style tour of his recording studio, gaming rooms, exotic bars, car collection and drifting setups. Not only will you get a first-hand look into the world of Pain, but you’ll experience a completely unfiltered view of the life and mind of one of the world’s most respected artists.”


Sounds like a good time to me.

“At PodcastOne, we seek hosts who are charismatic and engaging with something to say that audiences want to hear,” Kit Gray, president of PodcastOne, said in a statement provided to The Root. “T-Pain is all that and more. His innate curiosity and interest in the world around him and the people who live in it offers up endless possibilities for show content and we cannot wait to launch Nappy Boy Radio with T-Pain.”


Nappy Boy Radio premieres on June 3 and will be available on your podcast platform of choice.

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