An image of a swastika that was apparently keyed into an elderly Virginia woman’s SUV

An elderly Virginia woman's SUV was keyed over the weekend, with markings forming swastikas left on the front hood and by the gas tank, WJLA reports.

The woman's family members fear retaliation and are keeping their identities private in their moment of distress.


“She’s the sweetest, kindest, littlest old Indian lady who basically is a saint,” the victim's daughter told the news station.

According to the report, the 74-year-old victim got into her car Friday around 11:30 a.m. It was only afterward, when the car was back in her garage in Franconia, Va., that her son noticed the markings on the vehicle.

“I do think my mom was targeted because of what the symbol represents in modern times, which is hatred of those who are different, different color and of the Jewish religion,” the victim's daughter added.


The victim thinks the vandalism occurred when she parked near Shoppers in Franconia.


The victim's daughter said that this is the third time the vehicle had been keyed in the past year but that this time, the markings formed swastikas.

“If we could just at least learn to co-exist peacefully, that would be amazing,” the victim's daughter said.


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