Sunday Brunch: The Week in Review


MSNBC: Tips for Making College Affordable—Step One: Have Money

AJE: Deadly Attack on Iraq Funeral (Yeah, It's Reaaallly Time for Us to Go)

CNN: Tyra Gets Her Robin Givens On, Talks to Oprah of Abuse

WH: Obama Talks Green Jobs *Live*

IS: Indiana Near Top of Black Homicide Rate; Buzz Didn't Know Hoosiers Were That Gully


BBF: New Yorkers Taking Less and Less Of a Shine to Gov. Paterson

Newsday: Paterson Won't Stop MTA Fare Hike, Service Cuts; Wonders Why No One Likes Him


WSJ: Treasurer Tim-Tim's (tm) Op-Ed (We Know You're Psyched)

TRB: A Little Food for Thought Regarding 'Uncle Toms'

HuffPo: If We 'Kill the Rich', Don't We Kill the Dream? Ummm, Not According to Our Calculations…

NYT: 14 Die in Montana Plane Crash

LAT: 4th Oakland Police Officer is Brain-Dead After Shootout

CT: Drug Cartels Upping the Ante, Diversify Portfolio with People Smuggling

USAT: Obama Says Wall St. Was 'Out of Balance', Confirms There Is No Santa

Newsweek: White House To Release Bush-Era Torture Memos; Will Not Be More Popular Than 'Twilight' DVD


FOX: Ga. Lawmakers Fight Over Proposal Honoring Obama; Prez Shakes Head Over Groupie Love

AJE: US Defends 'Toxic' Asset Plan; Will, As Always, Be Looking Out for American People First


BBC: UN to Criticize Israel Over Gaza; Buzz Expects Serious Eyebrow Furrowing, Perhaps Some Stern Gestures

CNN: Wearing Necklace of Garlic, Obama Rebukes Cheney's '60 Minutes' Insight

ESPN: Big East Pwns Every Other Conference with Five Teams in Sweet 16


WP: Geithner Asks Congress for More Power to Seize Firms, They Say "When Your Jacket Fits"


WSJ: Obama Dials Down Wall St. Criticism, Leaves It to the 'Internet Stans'

NYT: With No Foreign Aid Workers Left, Sudanese Take to Shooting Domestic Aid Workers


USNWR: Study IDs Variation in Black, White Genomes; Maybe Race Isn't a "Social Construction"

AP: Unemployment Hits Black, Latinos Harder; Good to See Not Everything Has Changed


AP: CT Lawmakers Consider Apologizing for Slavery and Giving…Well Just an Apology Mainly

CNN: Prez to Beef Up Mexican Border Patrol, Some Fear Beef Will Lead to Health Concerns


TH: GOP Begs Cheney to Go Back to Sarcophagus and Await 10 Plagues Quietly

J&J: Hey, Where's Our Bonus Check? Buzz Deems Piggybacking This Question Appropriate


APS: Conservatives Jump Shark on Obama, Iran; Not Nearly As Entertaining As When Fonzi Did It

SFC: Woman Snitched on Oakland Cop Killer; Cam'Ron Prepares Diss Track

USAT: Judge Lowers Age for Plan B Pill; Says, "If You Don't Still Blow Bubbles in Milk, You're Old Enough"


NYT: Have A Signature Cocktail? In this Economy, You Probably Should

BET: Michigan Cops Taser 15-Year Old Boy to Death

AJE: Israel Accused of 'New Gaza Crime;' Figure Letting People Flee Defeats Purpose


CNN: Little-Known Company By Name of AIG to Return $50M in Obscure Exec Bonuses

BBC: Death Penalty 'Closer to Demise;' Texas Queries "According to Who?"

FOX: China Urges for New Global Currency, Says Making It Rain with Dollars Has Lost Appeal


ABC: Plan on Shopping a Bit? Try to Refrain from Being Black If Possible

Yahoo: Team Assessed Technical Foul for Uniform Violation, Loses Championship By Point



NYDN: MTA Raising Fare to $2.50; Thankfully, Cutting Service As Well

NYT: E.U. Prez Calls U.S. Stimulus the 'Way to Hell, Wonders Why Disneyworld Trip Has Hit Snag


NYT: UN Officials Call Darfur Aid 'Tenuous', Barack Obama Bi-Racial

JTA: Netanyahu Call His Gov't "Partner for Peace"; Palestine Says, "Oh Word?"

WP: House Dems Slash $100B from Obama's Budget (Somebody Just Got Blacklisted…)

CNN: Report Sees 'Sobering Statistics' on Racial Inequality; Buzz Thought Obama Extincted Racism. Darnit.


CNN: Jindal Defends Those Who Want Obama to Fail, Says Fail Club 'Could Use Another Colored Guy'

TNL: Mr. President, Your Speeches are Terrific. Your Pressers? Markedly Less Than Terrific


YT: It's A-Rod, Ms. Bonner. A-ROD.

NYT: Obama Tries to Rally Nation to Agenda; Considers 'Rally Monkey', Says "Oh, Wait…"*


WP: Obama Sees 'Signs of Progress' In Economy; Has Very, Very, Very Good Vision

LAT: Mexican Drug Lords Turn Sights to Peru; Wish to Flip Birds in Macchu Picchu

USAT: In a 9/11 Commission Remix, Condi Sides with Bush; Agrees with Silence

VOA: Bashir Continues His Tour, Says "Man, My Country's Dead Anyway"*

TH: Specter Will Vote Against Employee Free Choice Act; Hopes Roger Goodell, New England Patriots Notice


BET: D.C. Mother, Sons Stabbed to Death by Live-in Boyfriend

CNN: Paid Your Rent on Time? Doesn't Matter if Your Landlord Doesn't

AJE: Labor Party Joins Israeli Coalition; Netanyahu Asks Someone to Fetch His Shinebox


ESPN: Duke Women's Hoops Continue to Carry Torch Buffalo Bills Put Down in the 90s

*The 'Rally Monkey' was big during the Angels' World Series run in 2002.

*The quote is a satirical reference to the movie Swingers.


CNN: Two Twisters Touch Down in Mississippi

CSM: Taliban Suicide Bomber Kills 11 in Pakistan

IHT: France Urges N. Korea to Avoid Missile Test Because, You Know, Kim Jong Il Is a Lunatic


SJMN: Oakland Leaders Gather in Response to Violent Weekend; Buzz Makes No 'Snitch' Reference

WP: Hospitals Slow to Go to Electronic Records; More Concerned with Lifesaving, Not Getting Sued


CNN: Braille Silver Dollar Available; AIG Wishes It Had More Blind Execs

BET: Trick Daddy Diagnosed with Lupus

ESPN: Cop Delays NFL Player as His Relative Dies; Cop Gets F Minus for Life

THR: Isaiah Washington to Play Lou Rawls (Provided He Doesn't Say Something to Get Himself Fired)


J&J: Black Science Bloggers Do Exist!

HC: John Hope Franklin Dies at 94

WSJ: F-22 Crashes During Test in California

SJMN: Land Conservation Bill Sent to Prez; Without Much on Plate, Says He'll Look Into It


NYT: Obamas Step in the Name of Love About DC; Allegations of Having Done 'Love Slide' Abound

Reuters: Taliban Gets Help from Pakistan; Obama Says 'Don't Make Me Wash My Hands'


USAT: Goodell: Vick Must Show 'Remorse' to Play Again; Apparently, Pentitentiary Insufficient

FOX: Obama Seeks to Expand Power Over Wall St.; Yeah, We're Still Talking About This


BET: Michael Says: If You Don't Want Blood on the Dancefloor, You'll Stop This Auction

Politico: Geithner 'Open' to China Proposal (As If He Was Gonna Be Something Else, Right?)


TS: Another Obama Nominee Withdraws; Prez Putting Job Listing on Craigslist

EW: Motown Night on 'Idol'; Smokey Looked Happy, Probably Wasn't


CNN: Baltimore Surgeon Heals Wounds, Behavior

CBS: The Fight Against Colon Cancer in the Black Community

ESPN: Plaxico Burress' Lawyers Talks Plea with DA; Says "Isn't Shooting Yourself Bad Enough?"


AP: Serena Williams Voted POY; Some Argue Michelle Obama's Guns Still Superior

MTV: T.I. Gets Year and a Day; Says Year Easy, Day Hard

BJ: Fla. Unemployment Rate Tops Nation; RI, MI Cheer Then Frown

BET: GOP Wants to Keep Tabs on Mrs. Obama, Asks "You Mind Wearing This Head Scarf?"


NYT: Afghanistan the 'Winnable' War (But We Totally Appreciate the Effort in Iraq)

BB: Prez to Boost Forces in Afghanistan Because Two Wars Better Than One

Reuters: Mexico Wants More Us Funds for Drug Battle; US Totally Flush Enough to Handle That


NYT: Circumcisions Found To Curb Two STDs, Not Babies

USAT: Bishops to Boycott Michael Steele Speech; Steele Considers Doing Same

ABC: ND Levees Break in Flood Zone; Gov't Will Hopefully Not Abandon Citizens

AJE: Israel Military Goes Tuskegee on Own; Criticized for 'Unethical' Tests

BET: More Blacks Moving South; Feel Free to Riff on Ironies…Now

CNN: T.I. to Be Sentenced Today; Will Still Probably Get Out Before Shyne

ESPN: 'Nova Beats Duke; Obama to Coach K: 'Say Somethin''

AH: With Blacks No Longer Scary, Companies Market Demographic More Aggressively


NYT: Michael Steele Forgets Memo, Continues Speaking

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