Sunday Brunch: The Week in Review



Black Enterprise: Top Republicans Want to Let Some Banks Fail; So Does Buzz and Everyone Else


The Daily Mail: Longevity Linked to Body's Reaction Time; Why Blacks Don't Live Forever Unknown

The Huffington Post: PM of Zimbabwe Involved In Car Accident, Wife Killed

The Chicago Tribune: Consumers Willing to Make Sojourn to Buy Black

Black America Web: D.C. Voting Rights Bill Back on Calendar for Tuesday Vote

USA Today: Illinois Pastor Slain During Service

The Washington Post: Obama Feeling Extra Ambitious; Plans to Shield Science from Politics, Make Lame Beggars Walk

The New York Times: U.S. Dollar on the Rise, Other Dollars on the Fall

CNN: Sudan's Bashir Returns to Darfur, Still Doesn't See What Fuss is About

Stanford News Service: Obama Being 'Everybody's Black Friend' Allows For Racist Attitudes to Persist; Black Folks Utterly Underwhelmed by Discovery

Politico: Stop Putting Your Shoe In Rush and Steele, White House, and Govern In New Way You Said You Would

The Daily Swarm: Rapper Ghostace Pens Song for Battered Women, Reminds Rihanna to Protect Neck


BET: Politics Is a Beauty Pageant After All: 14 Hottest Blacks on Capitol Hill

ESPN: Terrell Owens Signs With Buffalo, Buzz Wonders if Owens Knows Where Buffalo Is


The Huffington Post: Steele Still Butt of Jokes, SNL Takes Their Crack at Chairman

CNN: Balling on a Budget: Eating Healthy on the Cheap

Al Jazeera: North Korea Threatens Dust-Up if South Korea/US War Games Get Rowdy

Yahoo! News: Catholic Church Goes on Excommunication Spree in Brazil

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Rapper Andre 3000 is Legendary; Stage Version of Cartoon Not



Rattler Gator: The Obamas > Chrihanna; Brown's Political Future in Doubt

ESPN: Michael Vick's Mansion Up for Auction, You Still Can't Afford It

Funny or Die: Prop 8: The Musical—Because Controversy Sounds Better Harmonized

MM: Down with Obama's Hero Shots! 'Mission Accomplished' Money Shot Better!

Think Progress: Glen Beck Says Stem-Cell Research Leads to Search for 'Master Race;' Worried He Won't Be Invited to Party


J & J Politics: Cops in Texas Jacking Black Motorists, Obviously Have Perfectly Good Explanation

WP: Democrats Stung By Some Dissention in Ranks, Attempt to Make Kool-Aid More Delicious


Politico: First Lady Makes First Trip Outside Beltway, Heads to Fort Bragg

Kausfiles: Warren Buffett Criticizes Obama, Found Out This Morning Assets Have Been Earmarked


Daily Beast: Take Nicole Brown Simpson's Advice, Rihanna: It Doesn't Get Better From Here

Black News: Court Refuses to Expand Minority Voting Rights, South Rising Again

Associated Press: First Black Comic Up for Auction; Surprisingly, Obama Not on Cover


Deadspin: Stephen Jackson Compares Himself to Bruce Leroy, Buzz Needn't Use Follow-Up Quip

Al Jazeera: Dozens Killed in Iraq Suicide Bombing

ESPN: Tampa Bay Linebacker Attacked by Girlfriend, Chris Brown Shouts "See?"

BET: Baltimore NAACP Leader Arrested for Drugs; The Wire Not Off Air After All

HuffPo: Barkley's Jail Stint May Cause Him to Emerge a Role Model, Buzz Is Not Holding Breath



Stratfor: White House Heavy with the Diplomatics; England Still Wondering Why They Only Got DVDs


Bossip: Beanie Sigel Has 35th Birthday Party; Someone Gets Shot, Naturally

J&J Politics: Jack and Jill Back Chas Freeman, Scold The Obama; Buzz Loves Name 'Chas'


ESPN: Judge Wants to Feel Important; Demands Vick Appear in Bankruptcy Court

WBEZ: Bishop Tutu Absolves Chicago Press; Bernie Madoff Wonders if He Can Get In on That


LAT: Family Buys Black; Booker T Beams, W.E.B. Grumbles About Talented Tenth

St. Louis American: Black Unemployment at 13.4%; Be Happy if You're in 86.4 %

WXVT: End-of-Life Care More Expensive for Blacks, Hispanics; Some Argue 'Better Late Than Never'


Black Press USA: Some Blacks Want Obama to Fail; Dispersal to Re-Education Camps Imminent

WP: Gunmen in Ala. Kills 9, Himself

LAT: Obama Pushes Global Stimulus Effort; China Says, "We Can't Own Everyone, But We'll Try"


NYT: Michelle Obama Promotes Healthy Eating; Country Fries Little

AJC: Morehouse Police Chief Indicted in Hunting Incident, Possible Retaliation For Ending Freaknik


BBC: German School Gunman Kills 15

Al Jazeera: Freeman Withdraws Intelligence Post Nom; Not Down With Israel Lobby in the Least


CNN: Robin Givens Talks Abuse; Semi-Secretly Glad Rihanna's Mollywhopping Brought Her Back into Vogue

BET: Ex-Detroit Mayor Wants $100M; AIG Backs This Play Wholeheartedly

The Daily Beast: Bernie Madoff Might Get 150 Years; Guys at Arthur Andersen Cackling


Deadspin: Hyping Young Athletes is Bad; Hyping Their Hype Adds to Problem in No Way


CNN: Roland Martin Vouches for DC School Vouchers; Democrats Not Super Into Them

KATC: Black Lawmakers Support Overriding Jindal; Do Not Fear His Response

Complex: 5 Black Comedians Who Deserve News Shows; Condolensces to D.L., David Alan
AP: Black Mississippi Troopers in Hostile Environment, NAACP Says; Response? Dude, It's Mississippi


Minnesota Spokesman: 'Hip Hop Repub' Advocates "Festive 40-Day Fast for the Future; Enjoys Alliteration 

WP: Michael Steele Opens Mouth Again; Doctors Say There Is No Cure

CNN: Madoff Pleads Guilty, to Await Sentencing from Jail; Buzz Says "Get Used To It"


WSJ: Obama Wants to Adopt Electronic Medical Record System; Two Docs Think That's Silly

Raw Story: Cheney Ran Executive Assassination Ring; You're Not Surprised in Least


Newsday: Latino Group: Race Not Factor in Black Dude Beat-Down; Whooped for Being Himself

The Seattle Times: 4 Black Head Coaches in Pac-10; Investigation Probably Underway


AFPTeens with Low Vitamin D Have Higher Risk of Heart Disease; Should Consider Going Outside Sometimes

CBS: First Lady Gets High Marks in First 50 Days; Buzz Shrugs, Immediately Cudgeled


CNN: Campbell Brown Puts Shoe in Nickelodeon Regarding Chris Brown Award Show Invite

The Huffington Post: Bernie Madoff Arrives in Court to Plead Guilty; Nothing's Happened Yet


The Hollywood Reporter: Billionaire List Goes Bust; We Know You're Totally Busted Up By That


HuffPo: Jon Stewart Ethers Jim Cramer. The End.

USA Today: The Rock Making Splash in Family Films, Up for O'Shea Jackson Award

Deadspin: Barkey Wants to Punch Rush, Everyone Says "Back of the Line, Fella"

AJC: BeBe Winans Accused of Assault, CeCe, DeDe, and EeEe Devastated

NYT: Maxine Waters Tries to Help Bank and Self, Forgot She's Not on Wall Street

LAT: Shave and a Check-Up, Two Bits

NY Daily News: Obama Says Economy Looks Worse Than It Is, Like the Spanish Influenza


AP: NAACP Says Banks Steered Blacks to Bad Loans; Buzz Says…Yup

AP: AARP Names First Black CEO; Benefits Include Unlimited Early Bird Specials

CNN: Chrihanna Record Duet; Charity Boxing Match in the Works

BBC: Obama Renews Sanctions on Iran; GOP Looking for Something New to be Mad About


Al Jazeera: Aid Workers Captured in Darfur, Bashir Likely to Act Brand New

Politico: S.C. Gov. Compares Obama Economic Policies to Zimbabwe; Gets F Minus

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