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The current crisis facing our country has consistently shown that President Trump straight-up isn’t built for this job. From constantly being two steps behind to turning the daily press conferences meant to inform the public about the virus into campaign rallies, dude stays doing the wrong thing. One Georgia Democrat hasn’t let that stop him from showing just how much he supports President Trump.


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Democratic state Rep. Vernon Jones has endorsed President Trump’s bid for re-election. Jones has long been a polarizing figure in Georgia politics and his endorsement hasn’t helped improve the perception.

“It’s very simple to me,” Jones explained, the AJC notes, “President Trump’s handling of the economy, his support for historically black colleges and his criminal justice initiatives drew me to endorse his campaign.”


He was quickly criticized for the move by fellow Democrats in his state. “Never has that been clearer than this moment, when he chose to stand with the racist president who has made an all-out assault on black Americans, who has tried to rip away American health care and who has failed our country in its greatest time of need,” said state Rep. Nikema Williams. Jones’ endorsement of Trump wasn’t exactly a surprise, either.

From AJC:

Since he regained office, Jones has routinely allied himself with Republican lawmakers in the Legislature, including co-sponsoring a measure this year that would crack down on unauthorized immigrants. And his social media posts crackle with positive messages about Trump.

Democrats in Georgia have quickly rallied around Rhonda Taylor, a local activist who is running a primary challenge for Jones’ seat. Jones is no stranger to controversy and is currently under an ethics complaint for allegedly not living in the district he represents. He called the accusation “Baseless fake news.”


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