Stop Worrying About How Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade Raise Their Children

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There are many benefits that come from minding your own business. Your skin clears up, your hair flourishes and you feel lighter as a result from not having to carry the weight of things that don’t concern you. With all these benefits, it amazes me that people don’t mind the business that pays them.


Recently, social media users took to the internet to lend their unsolicited opinions on how Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade have chosen to raise their child. In an Instagram story post on Monday, Wade placed a caption that read “my girls” on a picture that included Union and two of their children, Zion and Kaavia.

Union has always been with the shits, and responded ever so eloquently on Twitter.

“Looks like love to me,” Union responded. If Wade’s comments were in reference to Zion, then kudos to him for acknowledging his child’s desired titles. A new report shows that suicide attempts are up over 70 percent amongst black teens and this type of support is what keeps LGBTQ children alive.

Some users think that this caption is part of some mythical gay agenda that people are using to erase the black man. As a card-carrying, financial member of the homosexual community, I’d like to tell you that the only gay agenda we have is to live our lives carefree and without violence. We tend to mind our business and close our legs to married men. Please start doing the same.


After Union’s comments, a lot of the feedback leaned on the positive side and somewhat reignited my hope in mankind.


It amazes me that so many people, at their big ages, can take time out of their days to attack a child’s and parent’s choices that have nothing to do with them. Zion’s identification doesn’t affect your food, your money, or your family, so you shouldn’t care about what this young kid does.


As a community, our only concern should be that a child is given the love and safety they deserve in order to reach their full potential. All that other noise is irrelevant.

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I agree with this in theory. However, I’m tired of people posting about their children on social media and then getting upset when people post their opinions. There is zero reason why I or anyone should know anything about their children or any other celebrities children. There is zero reason for them to constantly post pics of the children online. If you don’t want random people commenting on your family or private life, stop posting stuff about your family or private life online. Let’s be clear here, the only reason celebrities post about their children is to monetize their brands by gaining followers. If they insist on doing so, then take the good with the bad.