Stop Dissing Me: Trump Lawyer Sends Cease and Desist Letter to Steve Bannon

Donald Trump (Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Donald Trump (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Previously on White House Apprentice, Steve Bannon—who got kicked out of the house in August—was going around trash-talking Donald Trump, his administration, his family and the way he runs 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Trump came out on Wednesday denouncing Bannon and saying that he had “lost his mind” in an attempt to discredit his former chief strategist and campaign manager.


According to the Wall Street Journal, a Trump attorney issued a cease and desist letter to Bannon late Wednesday and told him that he better stop making disparaging statements to the news media about Trump and his family.


Attorney Charles Harder wrote a five-page letter advising Bannon that he was violating the terms of the employment agreement he signed with the Trump campaign by making the comments.

Under said agreement, Bannon promised that he would not “demean or disparage publicly” Trump and his family, among others, while working for the campaign “and at all times thereafter.”

The letter also accuses Bannon of disclosing “confidential information” to Michael Wolff, author of the new book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. It was the online release of excerpts from that book that led Trump to issue his statement against Bannon on Wednesday.


Bannon is alleged to have made “outright defamatory statements” about Trump and his family “in some cases” while speaking to Wolff, according to the letter.

The letter gave Bannon 24 hours to confirm that he would comply with the demands.


Here’s a question: On a scale of 1 to Oprah’s hair, how pressed do you think Trump is about the contents of Bannon’s statements and Wolff’s book in general?


One would almost guess that there has to be some truth in either Bannon’s statement or Wolff’s book, because your president seems to be losing his mind over it.

While a cease and desist letter might be a temporary remedy, if what is being said about him is truly defamatory, there are legal remedies for that, right?


Why not sue one or both for what they have said?

In total, Trump’s lawyers have written 16 pages of letters that could have just been legal briefs to support the alleged defamation that is happening here, so what is the truth?


In other news, in response to the 11-page letter from Trump’s counsel demanding that the efforts to publish Wolff’s book stop immediately, the publishers have decided that they will up the publication date to Friday—because who cares what your president is crying about?


According to Yahoo! News, Patricia Eisenman, a spokeswoman for Henry Holt & Co., said in a statement: “Henry Holt confirms that we have received a cease and desist letter from an attorney for President Trump. We see Fire and Fury as an extraordinary contribution to our national discourse, and are proceeding with the publication of the book.”

Meanwhile, Wolff himself got on Twitter and stunted on Trump by saying: “Here we go. You can buy it (and read it) tomorrow. Thank you, Mr. President.”


Yahoo! News reports that Wolff will appear on the Today show on Friday and Meet the Press on Sunday.


The book is sure to fly off the shelves now, because what better publicity is there than the president losing his mind over your upcoming book, which will allegedly spill a lot of tea about the president himself, his administration, his family and all his little friends, too?


Read more at the Wall Street Journal and Yahoo! News.

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