Michael Steele has had just about enough of the GOP infighting and mularky, particularly with regard to his leadership of the RNC. In an interview with ABC News radio today, Steele took a minute to hand out a few dirt naps to his in-party critics

“I tell them to get a life. That’s old Washington, that’s old ways, and I don’t represent that, and that kills them,” Steele told ABC News Radio in an interview today.

“I’m telling them and I’m looking them in the eye and say I’ve had enough of it. If you don’t want me in the job, fire me. But until then, shut up. Get with the program or get out of the way.”

Steele was responding to a series of reports — most recently in today’s Washington Times — where prominent GOP operatives and fund-raisers have criticized Steele for seeming to focus more on his own image (and pocketbook) rather than the good of the party.

Responded Steele: “Some of my prior chairmen who are running their mouths right now — how many farm teams did you build as chairman?”

“All I’m saying is cut it out. If we have party differences that are inside the party, let’s deal with them inside the party. You don’t see the Democrats running around trying to beat up their national chairman or embarrass him.”

See: there is respect across the aisle.