Started From the Blog, Now We’re Here: When Shonda Rhimes Wants to Turn Your Book Into a TV Show, Let Her

We’re living in a DIY culture, and there’s no one more do-it-yourself than bloggers. Blogging is a means of communication, self-expression, culture, news and so much more. And the people who create blogs are typically ridiculously talented and effortlessly wear the responsibility of being a voice for their culture.


Bloggers are inspiring, to say the least. And many black bloggers have inspired us here at The Root with their journeys to success. So we’ve launched a new video series—Started From the Blog, Now We’re Here—a straight-from-the-bloggers’-mouth account of how their blog helped them excel in their careers.

First up was The Root’s managing editor, Danielle Belton, and now we’re shining a spotlight on the already-lit 2016 The Root 100 honoree Luvvie Ajayi. If you don’t know her blog (which is shocking) AwesomelyLuvvie, you may have heard her name. She’s the latest example of #BlackGirlMagic that seasoned magician Shonda Rhimes has most recently taken under her wing. (Ajayi will tell you all about it in the video above.)

Ajayi’s cultural commentary is sought out by everyone from your hairstylist to Oprah and all those in between. (Yes, Oprah reads her blog!) And it was her wit and charm that caught Rhimes’ attention. In this video, Ajayi shares her humble beginnings and how she literally wrote her lucrative future into existence. Check out her amazing story, and stay tuned for more inspiring stories from excellent black bloggers like Rae Holliday, Joi-Marie McKenzie and more!

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