Stacey Dash Has an Intern? For What?

Stacey Dash via Twitter screenshot
Stacey Dash via Twitter screenshot

Remember last week when Stacey Dash sent off that tweet calling our Auntie Maxine a buffoon who was trying to extend her 15 minutes of fame? Well, now the Clueless star is claiming that she wasn’t the one who fired off the wannabe spicy tweet; it was an unnamed intern who made a mistake.


“Let me clarify that an intern wrongly used ‘buffoon’ in a recent tweet on @RepMaxineWaters. I don’t need to be disrespectful to disagree,” Dash wrote Friday morning.

First of all, why does Stacey Dash even have an intern? What purpose does this intern serve? Is the intern solely in charge of running Dash’s Twitter account?

I’m pretty sure I can think of at least 10 people who are more worthy or more in need of an intern than Dash, including these five:

  1. The crossing guard at the end of my block. Those little kids sometimes dart out into the intersection before she tells them to. She needs an intern to help corral them.
  2. The bagger at the local grocery store who ends up on parking-lot-cart duty for the day. Like, that’s just fucked up. How you gonna send one person chasing all those stray carts all over the parking lot?
  3. He already quit his job, but that one dude who was responsible for spending his days finding positive news stories about Donald Trump. ’Cause what a miserable existence that had to be, no matter how much they were paying him.
  4. The restroom attendant at the club on a Saturday night, because y’all nasty.
  5. The employees of the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Get help doing that little shit so you can get us in and out of that bitch quicker. Please!

But I digress. Much like Dash did in her original tweet regarding the name-calling, which she sent out early Saturday morning.


“Ok. I digress. I should not name call. She’s NOT A WARRIOR OF TRUTH,” Dash wrote hours after her original tweet.

Well, neither are you, Stacey Dash, because if your original follow-up tweet is any indication, you wrote the tweet yourself and immediately realized your mistake. It wasn’t until an entire day later, after Twitter and the internet, in general, dragged you for filth, that you came with the story of this mysterious “intern.”


We don’t believe you; you need more people.

Early Monday morning, Dash (or her intern, maybe?) was on Twitter trying to commiserate with actor Dean Cain about getting backlash for tweets.


In response to someone calling him a “washed up has been trump supporter,” Cain asked if the person was trying to career-shame him, to which Dash replied, “Yep. I get grief for an errant ‘name calling’ tweet & I get the ‘washed up, not relevant, fired from Fox’ tolerant, no judge comments.”


Stacey Dash, we roasted you because you seem to believe that being the most anti-black person in the room is going to garner you some points with the people who really don’t give a fuck about your black ass in the first place.

But, whatever.


If Dash really wants to give her “intern” something to do, maybe he or she can help her find her way back to her soul. She lost it a long time ago.

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Ok brb im going to try and find this “intern”