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Like the previous one and the one before him, the next governor of the great state of Georgia will be a white man.


In a speech Friday afternoon, Stacey Abrams announced the end of her gubernatorial campaign, effectively squashing her bid to become the first black woman to serve as a chief executive of a state.

According to the Associated Press, Abrams stressed: “This is not a speech of concession” as she, well ... conceded that she was not likely to emerge victorious against the Republican nominee, former secretary of state in Georgia and master of voter suppression, Brian Kemp.


Until as late as Friday morning, Abrams’ campaign was weighing options and strategies on making sure every vote in the state was counted. But she ultimately decided to end her run shortly after 5 p.m., which was the earliest that the state could certify the results from the Nov. 6 midterm elections.

The contest had been marred by voter suppression tactics including tossing out provisional ballots, glitches in the Georgia’s voting machines, long lines, understaffed polls and hundreds of thousands of purged voters from state rolls. In other words—it worked.

Alas, poor Stacey. We knew ye well.

... And liberty and justice for all.

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