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Spin Cycle: Are Meghan and Harry Considering a Tell-All Interview for $1 Million?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Ever since Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle announced they’d be stepping down from their role as senior royals in the British monarchy—a designation that became final on March 31—as well as their intention to be financially independent, royal watchers have rightfully been asking, “How, Sway?” Meghan’s residuals from Suits and any possible military pension and/or inheritance on Harry’s behalf aside, the prospect of the two earning enough to keep themselves and 11-month-old son Archie in the lifestyle to which they’d become accustomed seemed dubious, at best.

But as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have settled into a new, albeit temporarily homebound life in California, they haven’t seemed to be struggling. In fact, Meghan reportedly donated the entirety of her earnings from voicing Disney’s recently released Elephants to—well, elephants (Elephants Without Borders, according to Vanity Fair). The couple has also been at work planning their new nonprofit, applying to trademark the name Archewell—though trolls who caught wind of the name bought the domain and directed it to Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” video (h/t Page Six)—ironic, since Meghan’s earning potential might well outpace her husband’s moving forward.


Trolls aside, there’s new speculation on one possible bag the Sussexes may be looking into securing: on Saturday, Page Six reported that the couple may have been offered over $1 million “to do a sit-down, tell-all interview—not unlike the famous interview Princess Diana did with Martin Bashir decades ago.”

The underemployed couple, who just moved to Los Angeles and are looking for work, is said to be in talks with several networks to feature their new life, their new home and get them back in the spotlight.

In January, it was reported Markle had been in talks with Oprah and Ellen Degeneres to do a tell-all interview — and some suggested it was a way to get what they wanted out of Megxit. Now that Megxit is official, the couple is desperate for cash. They’ve been touring multi-million dollar homes in Malibu and will be stuck with a security detail that costs over $2.5 million a year (although Prince Charles has said he will donate $2 million of that).

While we’re sure this isn’t the first time the duo has been approached to do an intensive interview since their wedding in May 2018 (following their memorable engagement interview the year prior), the marked difference is that as divested royals, Harry and Meghan might be able to speak more freely about the circumstances leading to their departure. Princess Diana certainly did in her aforementioned interview with journalist Martin Bashir, a broadcast still considered explosive by royal standards.

Of course, this is all contingent upon the couple’s participation, and while it may sound like easy money (not to mention must-see TV), it would likely result in even further estrangement from the royal family. This is a possibility that Page Six reports is “weighing on” Harry as he considers the option of an interview, even while there is also speculation that Meghan might consider donating the fee to England’s National Health Service to support frontline workers coping with the COVID crisis, reports Marie Claire.

“Sources close to the Duchess revealed Oprah Winfrey is a favorite to quiz Meghan on her bombshell exit with Harry from ‘the Firm,’” Page Six wrote, quoting from the Daily Star’s piece.

The report goes on to suggest that Meghan is pushing Harry to “allow cameras to film their home and family life” as a way to win back public support after their controversial royal exit this spring. If a Cribs-style tour of the Sussexes’ Malibu mansion sounds amazing to you, then keep your fingers [crossed] because Harry is said to be “giving ‘serious consideration’ to the proposal.”


Regardless of whether they jump at the opportunity to tell all—and despite currently sheltering in place, the couple is planning to make the most of their newfound freedom, Vanity Fair reported as the Sussexes bid royal life farewell.

“They are genuinely excited about the next chapter,” a source told the magazine. “[T]hey are looking forward to starting a new chapter and being the couple they want to be. They really want to make a difference on a global level and they are very ambitious about what they want to achieve.”