Spelman and Bennett College Choirs Organize Joint Concert for Women’s History Month

Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele
Bennett College choir members
WFMY News 2 Screenshot

The only two historically black female colleges still up and running in the nation—Spelman College in Atlanta and Bennett College in Greensboro, N.C.—are commemorating Women’s History Month by having their choirs perform together at a joint concert March 16, WFMY News 2 reports.

The gig—a first for both schools—is aptly called a “her-storic” event and will take place at Bennett College. The choir director at Bennett spoke about how the joint concert came to be, and why it’s so special that the choir groups are coming together to pay homage to Women’s History Month. 


“The discussions between the two choirs started about five years ago,” Valerie Johnson, Bennett’s choir director, said. “We are the only two historically black colleges for women in the country, and that in itself is reason to celebrate. We hope this concert represents a new tradition in the lives of the two colleges.”

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