Speaking of Swimsuits . . .

Sailing on the Carnival Victory in 2011.
Sailing on the Carnival Victory in 2011.

I was, actually. With Rachel. If you’ve been hanging with me since February, you’ll recall a series of blog posts I wrote about my friend “Rachel” before and after her gastric-bypass surgery in May.


Anyway, she sent an email to let me know she’s one of 52 folks who’ve signed up for a double-occupancy cabin on my seven-day, birthday cruise next September to the southern Caribbean (all are welcome, just need a headcount by tomorrow; details here). I was delighted to hear that and responded, “Here’s to finally looking forward to wearing a swimsuit!!!!”

Now that’s something I’d never thought I’d say.

Though my weight loss is slower than I’d like, there’s definitely a change in my shape. I’m much, much firmer in important places, and losing inches all over. The weight training no doubt is slowing down the loss of numbers on the scale, but not the number of inches. Sure, muscle weighs more than fat, but I always thought folks said that to make me feel good.  Now I know it’s true, because I can see and feel more change than I witness on my frenemy, the scale.


And by the way, Rachel’s doing great. She started out at 217, wanting to lose 80-85 pounds. She’s now down 49 pounds, down to 168, and recently tried on a size 8 dress just to see how much more weight she’d have to lose to squeeze into it.  Her words: “IT FIT and IT WAS NOT TIGHT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!! I have not worn a single-digit anything (except panties) since I was a college student!”

I am so happy for her, but a little concerned she wants to lose 34 more pounds. I can’t imagine it. She did say that if she thinks she’s too skinny, she’ll add five or 10 pounds. I vaguely recall her saying that underneath it all, she’s small-framed. So, 135 may be perfect for her. Only she knows for sure, and I wish her the best of health.

Me, I like the idea of being somewhere between the 150s and 170s. As I’ve mentioned, I’m built funny. I’d be a size 8 in the 150s, and I can’t imagine that feeling very good. I’d be just peachy as a size 12, with an occasional 10 in high-end, designer togs.

Definitely an 8 or 10 in a lovely, one-piece swimsuit for lounging on the lido deck or on a Barbados beach next fall.


This is all so surreal. Me, talking about cold-chillin’ in a swimsuit. In public.

I swear it has something to do with my being in such high spirits now that it’s October, my all-time favorite month of the year. Either that or I’ve been huffing too much Advair, lately.


Onward and upward.

You’re going to need a bigger boat. ~  Brody (Jaws, 1975)

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Leslie J. Ansley is an award-winning journalist and entrepreneur who blogs daily for TheRoot. She lives in Raleigh, NC.

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