South Carolina GOP's 'Dead Voters' Story Debunked


The GOP's allegations of voter fraud in South Carolina, including claims of "zombie" voting, were debunked by findings in a recent report, ColorLines' Brentin Mock reports.

As reported by Corey Hutchins in the Columbia Free Times, state Rep. Alan Clemmons, a Horry County Republican, ran with Shwedo's unsubstantiated claim, telling the public, "We must have certainty in South Carolina that zombies aren't voting."

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson, also a Republican, made the same claim and used it to crusade against President Obama's Department of Justice (DOJ). Along with his friends at True the Vote, Wilson spun a narrative about how the federal government was preventing him from defending his state against the zombie voter fraud attacks.

But it turns out that, like most zombie stories, this was pure comic book plot. The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division conducted an 18-month investigation into whether dead people voted — and found not one legitimate case of any such thing happening.

The Division's report was released quietly just before the Fourth of July holiday, following an information request by Hutchins, who noted in his article that the agency made no comment about their findings. 

Read Brentin Mock's entire piece at ColorLines.

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