Soulja Boy's Former Assistant Files Lawsuit Against Rapper Alleging Rape and Abuse

Soulja Boy attends the 2019 BET Social Awards at Tyler Perry Studio on March 3, 2019.
Soulja Boy attends the 2019 BET Social Awards at Tyler Perry Studio on March 3, 2019.
Photo: Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for BET (Getty Images)

DeAndre Cortez “Soulja Boy” Way has been named in a lawsuit filed by his former assistant on Friday, accusing the 30-year-old rapper of assault and sexual battery in multiple instances, as well as refusing to pay her and holding her against her will.


The woman—who filed the suit as “Jane Doe”— says she started working for Soulja in December 2018 at the rate of $500 a week. Her duties included cleaning, cooking, chauffeuring and other tasks for the rapper at his two homes in Malibu and Bell Canyon California, where she both worked and lived. Doe is suing Soulja for sexual battery, assault, false imprisonment, infliction of emotional distress as well as seeking damages for unpaid wages.

Content Warning: The following contains details of several incidents of alleged sexual harassment, assault, abuse and rape.


According to TMZ, Doe alleges Soulja began sending her unsolicited photos of his penis within the first month of her working for him.

“A brief consensual relationship developed, but it soon devolved into violence,” Doe’s lawyer, Neama Rahmani states in a press release obtained by Today.

More on the lawsuit allegations, via TMZ:

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, she says Soulja started acting violently toward her in January 2019...including an argument they had while driving. She alleges he pushed her out of the vehicle and forced her to walk 5 miles.

The accuser claims Soulja sexually assaulted her for the first time in February 2019...and “expressed remorse” afterward by paying her $1,000.

In May 2019, the woman claims the rapper spit on her when she told him she wanted to quit, and alleges he would become insanely jealous when she got social media comments or phone calls.

In the suit, she alleges he would “punch, kick and body slam” her due to his jealousy, and once threatened, “I should have killed you.” Further, she claims he locked her in a room with no mattress, food or water on multiple occasions.

She also claims she was sometimes sexually assaulted twice a day...and after one violent attack in August 2020—where she thought she would die—she moved out. According to the suit, she went back to get her belongings the next month, and he allegedly raped her again.


“I am in contact with my legal team and the appropriate legal action will be taken against these lies,” Soulja Boy said in a statement to TMZ.

Today adds:

This lawsuit filed by Jane Doe comes after Way was sued for assault in January 2020 by a woman named Kayla Myers who says she had a romantic relationship with Way. In those court documents, Myers accuses the rapper of attacking her with a gun outside a party at his Malibu residence on Feb. 1, 2019, telling her “she was going to die that night,” and tying her up with an extension cord in his garage overnight until she obliged to perform oral sex on him in exchange for her release. This lawsuit is still pending, TODAY has confirmed.


The Root has reached out to a representative for Soulja Boy for comment on this matter and will update this story if there is a response.

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