Soulja Boy Faces New Sexual Battery and Domestic Abuse Allegations From Woman Who Was Pregnant With His Child

Soulja Boy attends BET “Music Moguls” premiere event on June 27, 2016.
Soulja Boy attends BET “Music Moguls” premiere event on June 27, 2016.
Photo: Maury Phillips/Getty Images for BET (Getty Images)

Content Warning: The following article contains graphic details of alleged sexual assault and domestic abuse.


Soulja Boy (born DeAndre Cortez Way) is now facing additional highly disturbing allegations regarding sexual battery and domestic abuse. A woman who was previously involved in a long-term romantic relationship with Soulja filed a civil lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday, claiming that the “She Make It Clap” rapper sexually and physically abused her, threatened her life, as well as other instances of domestic violence.

According to court documents obtained by The Root, the woman was pregnant at the time that the allegations occurred and Soulja was aware of this.

Details of the claim are stated below, via a press release sent to The Root:

The plaintiff, who filed as “Jane Doe,” alleges in the complaint that in one instance Way’s physical assault was so severe she miscarried his child and sustained permanent damage to her reproductive organs. During another episode, after she told him about her plans to visit family, he reacted aggressively, accusing her of planning to leave him and punching her so violently his own security guards intervened to rescue her from more serious harm, she says in the complaint.

Throughout the course of their relationship, the plaintiff alleges, sex was often nonconsensual but coerced through threats of violence. When she refused his sexual advances, he resorted to physical abuse to obtain her compliance. The plaintiff says even the most trivial “offenses” could enrage Way to brutality, and she could not mention his infidelities with other women without suffering punches and kicks. At one point, Way posted a video of himself holding a gun and threatening her life.

In addition to the physical violence, the plaintiff and her young daughter were subjected to a parade of other women entering and leaving the home, the complaint alleges. When the plaintiff expressed concern, she says Way forcefully evicted her and her daughter. Later, after she refused Way’s attempts at reconciliation, he threatened her life and choked her.

“Our client is fortunate she was able to escape Way’s reign of terror and domestic abuse,” said the woman’s lawyer Neama Rahmani, president of West Coast Trial Lawyers, in a statement. “Still, she struggles to rebuild her life as she deals with the stress, fear and humiliation she continues to suffer from the years she remained Way’s emotional and mental captive. She worries about her daughter’s security and safety and about her ability to re-establish her career. How many women’s lives will Way ravage before he is held accountable? We plan for it to end here.”

This additional civil lawsuit comes months after Soulja’s former assistant filed a suit alleging assault and sexual battery, as well as claiming the viral internet rapper refused to pay her for her labor and held her against her will.


The Root has reached out to Soulja Boy’s representatives for comment on this matter.

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